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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    If I get a 360 and hack it will it be safe for me to play on XBL?
    Nothing is ever safe, but as long as check everything with abgx & its all clear then you'll be as safe as can be expected. I had a modded xbox for three years & didn't a ban. But friend who burnt me a game got banned so checked it & it failed all security checks, then i got rrod so bought new one & been legit ever since!

    But I am gonna be buying the kit again soon, its all cheaper & more user friendly now.

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    Thats so much great. Beside the XGDR3 we now also can hack the hardware of all x360. This will be a great christmas.

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    Yup, they've released nand image builders to allow homebrew like Freestyledash and enabling backups from the hard drive now. All 360s can be jtagged now (except the new ones coming out without the Hana chip).

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