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    But will it blend? Interesting news no doubt, I wonder how far the CFW scene on Xbox will take this new item ( and how long before someone releases a free diy version ) I would hope it will allow the 360 to use any size hard-drive ( without jtag ) and possibly explode the way this scene has.

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    man i can't wait for this..

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    Nov 2010
    This is just the stepping stone. Next thing you know, it'll be like the ps3. The system would be fully compromised unless they would revised a new hardware... again. haha.

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    This looks really good. It should sell well once the new XGD3 format comes out and stops people being able to use Kreon flashed Samsung drives to make their backups. As far as Xbox360 info on a PS3 site, I personally think it's great. I've got a wii, PS3 and a 360, so keeping up with console related info is good.

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    funk you sony.. this looks good.. with all the sid that comes along with sony and there disregard for customer safety and satisfaction i think i'll give xbox a go now... i've always been a ps guy since ps1 but they have lost me now...

    i can't wait to get my xbox.. never thought i'd ever say that.. LOL but i think my xbox is gonna be unreal with this device... cannot wait...

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    I have agree, even though this is "PS3NEWS" all the Xbox 360 sites have news about how the PS3 scene is going.

    I flashed my 360 years ago then got RROD since then I've bought a new 1 & a slim for kids & if there is a way to back-up my games to external HDD the its a definite yep from me. I will say though C4E has been doing great work for years & its always been free, so I will wait & see how this pans out before rushing head first into the abyss.

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    reseller list is online now... canada and france.


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    It's too costly. Just like how the original PSJailbreak was. Won't be long before someone ports it.

    I'll finally buy an XBOX360 I guess, already have a Kinect I bought for some DIY stuff!

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    Not for 125 bucks plus mark up by vendors and added shipping and handling. I will take my chances with a "JTAG"ing i just need a power supply and some x-clamps and im good to go, then I might firmware flash my elite's lite-on drive. I will never open my slim. I find PS3 games are not that great, and always having to load crap onto the hdd. But i have to admit they do get their releases a lot faster when they are released for multi-console.

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    That's just a sort of BS again... OMG I know why i left the 360 scene.. Damn.

    What they offer will NOT work, or work at least for some weeks and then its done!! That littly tiny Mainboard is such a bad manufactured thing, its not reliable! And for those dont trust me... I know the manufacturing company for the 360Key and their dumb MB. I know that guy a long time and get a sample of him.

    DONT TRUST THIS!!! You will be screwed within 1-2 MONTH!!

    Stay on Jtag or flash your drive but stay faaaar away from that Moneymakin BS!!!

    Greets MODMATE

    (YES, 360KEY team remember us)

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