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    Video: Splinter Cell: Conviction Collector's Edition Hits Europe

    Ubisoft just announced a Collector's Edition of the stealth sequel for "all" European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Pacific territories - and it comes with different stuff than the North American version!

    Paying more for a fancier version of Splinter Cell: Conviction is no longer an exclusively North American privilege.

    To quote: The rest of the world's Collector's Edition will include the usual steel-book case and soundtrack, and also the distinguished-looking Sam Fisher statue seen above, frozen forever in the act of almost stepping on his night vision goggles.

    The pack also includes in-game bonuses like an Infiltration Mode, a special "Shadow Armor" skin, and "early access" to the SC300, SR2 and MP5 weapons.

    See the new weapons and the other bonuses in the video below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Great game! A must have! I have been playing the SC series since playstation 2 and have never been tired of it. I hope this one brings a good online mode.

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    splinter cell fanboys hopes

    hope it is better than double agent.... SC: DA for ps3 sucked for me....

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