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    Video: Quake III Running on the Pandora Console

    Craig from the Pandora Team has uploaded a video of Quake III running very, very well on the Pandora, which is an upcoming portable video gaming console built around Linux.

    If this video doesn't show off what the console is capable of I don't know what will.

    To quote, from the video's caption: "Demo with some bots running I guess, it appeared to me the average framerate was around 40.

    This at 600 Mhz and 110 Mhz." Check it out below!

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    Seems to be coming along nicely (this isn't even using the efficient version of OpenGL, so expect it to run even smoother). The devs are saying the console may be ready by April (too bad I'm broke).

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    ouch.. ps3 has some competition there

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