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    Video: Metal Gear Solid Touch Exclusive Debut Trailer out!

    Are you ready for a gorgeous sneaking mission on your iPhone?

    This is the new Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone and iPod.

    Check out the exclusive debut trailer below..

    Video is courtesy of GameTrailers.


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    Nov 2008
    Wow it actually doesnt look bad... Im just curious as to how the controls will handle

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    Sep 2008
    I'm sorry but it looks stupid. I think it's going to be like Ac!d and fail without even trying. It reminds me of those early CD based games, where the people we're rendered onto a background without much thought put into them. Just doesn't look very good.

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    Jan 2007
    the trailer is amazing,.. game play didnt look to revolutionary though.

    and yea @Cyan, i was also let down by ACiD....when i started to play i though it was a game... after a few minutes i was like when do i get to choke something/someone

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    can't wait till I get my iphone...

    thank you very much sk8ter0Boi for the cool vid...

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    no problem man, more infos soon ^^

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    Nov 2008
    yeah Acid was a huge disappointment, dunno who thought of the whole cards thing...

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    can i play this in my nokia 5310 or in my computer?

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