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    Video: Metal Gear Solid: Rising E3 2010 Gameplay Footage

    Today some fresh Metal Gear Solid: Rising gameplay footage is available from BME123ES via YouTube from Microsoft's E3 2010 media briefing to coincide with the official Web site launch.

    Metal Gear Solid: Rising? by Kojima Productions is currently in development for Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and the Xbox 360 console.

    The main character of the game is Raiden, the protagonist (and player character) of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, who appears in the cyborg ninja state he was in during the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

    The second teaser depicted Raiden in his Metal Gear Solid 4 armor with sword drawn, crouching on the back of what appears to be Crying Wolf.

    Those interested can check out the E3 2010 Metal Gear Solid: Rising gameplay footage video below!

    Video: Metal Gear Solid: Rising E3 2010 Gameplay Footage

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    I'm still pissed how they brought this game to microsoft. Metal Gear Solid was born on playstation and now they put it for xbox as well? it just seems like the gameplay and controls are an only playstation game. make sense?

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    Big Grin

    metal gear was born on microsoft's msx2, so it is returning to big mama again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knight0fdragon View Post
    metal gear was born on microsoft's msx2, so it is returning to big mama again.
    is there any similarity between this metal gear and the original one?, naaah u just got a new ninja gaiden!

    if you haven't owned a playstation system before, then you missed the real thing.

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    I'm sure the gameplay will be on the same high standards as MGS4, but hopefully the cut-scenes will be dramatically sorter.

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    Releasing on multiple platforms, along with Kojima's statement of wanting to cater more for western audiences in his games AND the fact that Kojima isn't directing Rising, suggests to me that the game will have shorter cut-scenes, more action and less of a Metal Gear style stealth or story.

    From that video, it looks as though the game is going to be like Streets of Rage in 3D with a ninja sword!

    "Cut at will"
    "Cut what you will"

    It was almost like a tech demo for a game engine, showing off the environment damage that Raidens sword can inflict.

    I just cant get excited for this game.

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    I rather liked the lengthy cut scenes, it was like watching a movie within a game. It makes my $60 game actually worth a $60 game, and not a rent me to beat as fast as possible.

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    If the gameplay delivers, then its a win-win situation for everyone, if not it will be another pointless chapter in the metal gear solid saga. We already got mgs 1, 2, 3 and 4 to wrap things up, and lots of metal gear chapters for diferent platforms. I only hope this game brings something new to the table and I dont expect much on the story department since its not directed by kojima.

    But if the gameplay is cutting edge() as the video then we will have a lot of fun cutting everything on our way. Besides lets see what happened to raiden and why he became that cyborg. It will probably be a very dramatic scene and a one to remember hehehe.

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    I was really looking forward to this game. Usually I'm a huge fan of Kojima's work, but now after seeing the gameplay video of Rising, i'm having second opinions. Did anyone else see Raiden chop that van straight down the middle? I did not like that at all... I'm not usually the type of guy to pick something out of a game, but that's just so ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knight0fdragon View Post
    metal gear was born on microsoft's msx2, so it is returning to big mama again.
    ehmmm I'm sorry, but MSX2 was not from Microsoft. Microsoft never made a MSX(2) home computer. It was Sony and Philips that made them. Microsoft only wrote the software for it: the MS(X)-DOS standard.

    Besides that Nintendo also had the Metal Gear games on the NES. It only gained exclusivity when the PSX(PS1) came out

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