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    Video: Leaked XBox 360 Footage of Half-Life 2 on Project Natal

    Below is a video from (linked above) of what appears to be leaked XBox 360 footage of Half-Life 2 being played on Microsoft's upcoming system Project Natal.

    It comes courtesy of nutcrackr via YouTube, as it seems someone secretly leaked out the clip.

    This is most likely early footage of the beta testing for a FPS game on the Natal and of course, there is no confirmed source where the video came from so take it as you like.

    To quote from the video's caption: "Brief clip of Project Natal for Half-Life 2. Situated in Isaac Kleiner's Lab, it shows some movement and turning with hand gestures and also some interaction with the teleporters.

    This video looks to be in the alpha stage."

    Check it out below!

    Video: Leaked XBox 360 Footage of Half-Life 2 on Project Natal

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    i'm not really a fan of the 360 but tht looks cool as heck! is it not a kinda mixture of the wii and the ps3 eye pet except with A LOT more and better features?

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    Seem interesting, but lets see how it works in the average home compared to a stage preview.

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    I don't know. The source is unknown. The picture is too dark, it stutters and why Half Life 2? Looks like a fake to me.

    Besides that how do you walk when using Natal. I haven't seem him do anything that would cause the walking in half life 2. And if he did it looks like it's very buggy. You might end up doing some walking by accident while your intention was NOT to.

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    i'm glad they finally found eye toy.. 5 years later

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    Everything I've heard about NATAL is crap so far. developers are saying it lags horribly - something like an entire second of lag between each motion and the game reacting, no way to do simple tasks that don't necessarily require a gesture - no buttons of any form compatible with it. At least Wiimote and the PSEye motion controller stuff has buttons for the simplest stuff.

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    Meh... I was hoping this thing would be better. I hope they don't rush it out but opt to push it back if anything. The theory behind all the hands free in natal is cool and all, but it looks like crap and according to posters above me has devs complaining.

    Lag is a big no-no especially if this gets adopted to online play, where lag in milliseconds can cause a boo boo. Oh well, can't have everything can we? I have my fingers crossed they perfect this technology as it might give the 360 a big boost forward if paired with the supposed blue-ray player release. Happy new years everybody and hopefully we will see all this stuff SOON!

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    What is the Project Natal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop9800 View Post
    What is the Project Natal?
    A quick Google would have told you that, but here you go:

    Project Natal the code name for a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform.

    Based on an add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 console, Project Natal enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller through a natural user interface using gestures, spoken commands, or presented objects and images.

    The project is aimed at broadening the Xbox 360's audience beyond its typically hardcore base.

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