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    Video: Enter a 'Secret World' in Funcom's Upcoming MMO

    Secret World from Funcom is an MMO heading for PC and Xbox 360 in 2010.

    Yet, what will set the MMO apart from the rest... check out the video below!

    To quote: "Secret World will be set in modern day times in the real world, and players will be able to roam the good planet Earth just like normal life - however all the myths and legends that we have heard of in real life will actually turn out to be true in the Secret World.

    There will be three secret societies that players can take allegiance with and such choice will then allow players to then pick a start location of either London, New York or Seoul following which the adventure begins to uncover the truths behind the myths.

    Within the game, the divide between reality and the supernatural will be forever evident. What may be seen to be a simple local nightclub, may eventually provide a night of terror as ancient creatures pour from it to stalk the streets. The player will be continually faced by unspeakable horrors, and will often have to take it upon themselves to explore unknown worlds beyond our own as they aim to unravel truths.

    What will prove to be interesting, is that the game will include no classes or levels as such. The player will be provided with full control in the ability of complete character customisation, and your skills will directly relate to your actions during the game.

    The developers have aimed at including a reactive but fast paced combat system that will provide you with the chance to use attacks ranging from martial arts, black magic, legendary armaments and modern firearms."

    Check out the video below!

    Video: Enter a 'Secret World' in Funcom's Upcoming MMO

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    to tell you the truth as a mmo it looks gay but if it was a game then maybe.

    and why is this on 360 and pc and not ps3?

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    I really really hope this MMO becomes successful...

    Funcom developed the best adventure game I've ever played and that is "The Longest Journey". Dreamfall also wasn't bad at all. I'm looking forward to see Dreamfall chapters but, unless this game brings Funcom some money, they will probably hit bankruptcy...

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    Weird MMO, but worth a rental or something..

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