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    Video: Buy Your Way Through Madden NFL 10

    Ever wanted to just buy everything in a video game using real money?

    Well now Madden NFL 10 has a new feature called the Madden store where you can buy in-game content using your marketplace points.

    You can get features that allow your player to not get injured, or even make him the best player in superstar mode.

    You are also able to become an 'Elite' member which gives you exclusive leaderboards, lobbies, and even a brand new gametype with a skill mode set for only the hardcore madden players.

    One thing I was wondering though, wasn't Madden NFL 10 supposed to be exactly what I see on Sunday night? If so, why am I able to make my character the best and be able to win without trying.

    Video can be seen below. Enjoy!

    Video: Buy Your Way Through Madden NFL 10

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    EA wants your monei!! lol

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    EA sports just lost huge respect points..

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    Exactly! They did this same thing with Tiger Woods 10. It's really silly. I mean the game already costs $60 then they're like "give us 15-20 extra dollars and we'll basically play the game for you!

    So now you've spent $80 and haven't enjoyed playing the game one bit because everything is already beaten and unlocked... why would anyone do this?

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