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    Arrow Vid Card Reccomendation

    Im looking for a dirt cheap vidcard to replace my old geforce 2. I dont need anything much, just for a little bit of light gaming (TW2005 on low settings) Anyway, which card would you pick: ATI Radeon 9200 pro 64mb 128bit or eVGA geforce 5500 FX 128mb 64bit? I can get the 9200 pro for a little bit cheaper, but I think I'll pick up the 5500 because I can probably resell it for a more when I upgrade my system. (hopefully soon) Anyone have any expert opinions?

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    In all actuallity the 9200 pro is a better card... Its memory interface is double that of the 5500FX and ill assume that the 64 mb is DDR, so its almost like haveing 128. If it is a 64 mb DDR 128bit ATI Radeon 9200 pro then go for that.... I have almost the same thing except I have the 256MB DDR version and I wish I had gone with the 128MB DDR version. The reason being is that the card has to work really hard to keep pace... the memory is running at 400mhz and theirs 256mb of it... 128 would have been fine.

    I ran that old ATI Radeon 9200 in this box and it gave me great FPS in Call of Duty, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2 and WoW. (I had to put the card back in to test WoW, the game came out like 4 months after I changed video cards lmao) But it ran all of those games great.

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