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    V4 Gap Reading Problem

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    OK, I remember seeing this topic a few times but can't track it down when I need it.

    I have a V4 in front of me that when a disc is placed in the drive it spins up very fast but does not read it, it goes to the browser screen, meanwhile the disc is spinning at full speed (If eject is pressed then it will pop out the disc still spinning on the tray).

    This is a non-modded console, I have swapped lasers, adjusted pots and still the same thing. I was thinking it might need a chip replacement (BA6664FM) but I am looking for a second opinion before I start doing work which I might not need to do.

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    PS3 Directions Buttons

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    That is a tough one MaxCR, usually high speed is caused by a pot not correctly adjusted especially when the ps2 is modded,but the one you have isn`t so it doesn`t make sense,does it speed up with all media that is loaded into this ps2,and usually it doesn`t do that because of a BA6664FM chip which has me got my head scratching,by the way which part of saskatchewan are you from.

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    It does it with all media and the thing I don't get is usually even swapping with a new laser will fix it but this one does not.

    PS. Just outside toon town.

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    Yes it is a strange one,unless that new laser has something wrong with,it is a possibility,with this new laser did you check underneath to see if the two beads of solder were taken off before you got this new laser and must be taken off before installatoin,but sometimes they don`t take them off and this can lead to problems and even damaging the ps2,here is a pic to show the locations.

    PS: I am living right in toon town.

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    Yes actually I have tested it with both a "b" and "c" laser with the beads removed, I swapped the lasers in another console and they work fine, my next test will be to swap out the whole DVD drive from one to this one to see if it is with the board or the drive.

    PS: Good to see someone else from Saskatoon around...


    It does the same thing when swapped with a working drive so it looks like an issue with the board.
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    Yes that will be a good test to change drives to see if it has the same problems afterwards,let me know how that turns out as this is a differant kind of problem which i never came across before.

    PS: Good old Saskatoon...hehe

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    yeah, I changed drives and still the same thing so tomorrow I'm going to work on the board...well, I guess that will be later today... Got to get some sleep, not as young as I use to be and I'm ready to see how airborne this thing can get

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    HAHA...good luck with it and let me konw how it turns out,and have a good morning.

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    Finally found the problem, and it was not the BA6664FM.

    When I swapped the DVD drive and it still spun fast, I was looking at a problem on the mobo but I really hate having to change something on the mobo unless it is absolutely necessary so I did some more testing. I found that both drives had a current influx on the drive motor ( grabbed a third drive and it worked fine).

    I swapped out the hub and motor for the spindle on the original and it is working again, the other one must be starting to go or this board might have some issues with it but it works fine in the system I pulled it from. (I am still going to replace it just in case)

    I have it apart and running and will do some more testing on it but that was the first time I have had a motor error such as that.


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