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    V12 with DMS4 Lite

    Hey everyone, im not too much into the ps2 scene but to save myself some money i told my cousin i would install his modchip in his ps2 for him. Ive installed the magic V chip in mine and its been running great. The part im confused on is the "fixes" that people install. When i did my chip ive read that there were issues with the very first slim ps2's and im just wondering if all of the slim ones are at that risk or was it just certain ones?

    Ive got his dms4 lite and his slim ps2, but i dont want to install it just yet until im sure about that issue. Ive tried finding out for myself, but cant find a thread about it. Thank You

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    No one has any help / suggestions for me?

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    Yes a fix was suggested to ensure that the laser would not be burnt out by installing a modchip,the laser`s in the latest versions are better,but a fix would be advisible to ensure that the laser is safe from being burnt out.

    Check out this Sticky PSTwo Slimline FIX V4 arrives! as this is the one out of a few latest fixes for the v12 PSTwo.

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    There is also a SubZero Fix that is a nice alternative to the Slimline Fix versions.
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    Thank you for replying, so i was wrong that the fix only applied to the older slim ones, but the newer ones also need it i suppose. If i didnt apply the fix what would be the chances of it burning out? Like i said i put the Magic V chip in mine and ive had no prollems yet without a fix. Thanx again for your help, im slowly learning about the ps2 scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by deakphreak
    so i was wrong that the fix only applied to the older slim ones, but the newer ones also need it i suppose.
    Most of the laser burnout issues appear to have been on the v12 consoles with a datecode earlier than "5A". The v12 consoles that are "5A" and later, and the v13 consoles, have not had nearly as much trouble with the lasers burning out. The mentality, however, is that the fixes are less than 10.00 USD, which is much less than a new laser would be, so the insurance is quite worth it even on the newer models since you're gonna have the box open anyway.

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    Thank you very much, i will let him know and see if he wants to buy me a fix to put in the ps2. you guys are great.

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