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    USB thumb drive on PS2?

    i have a question that semi relates to AR drives. i have a 64mb thumb drive that i got for free after attending a GC (general contractor not Game Cube) meeting. i'm wondering if it's possible to put an elf or another app on there to "trick" the ps2 into thinking it's a memory card or (i've seen this on the net but can't remember the site) adding a usb/mini-usb slot to a memory card as a homebrew memor32 and save to there as i don't want to keep buying memory cards. are either of these ideas remotely possible?

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    you can try to soft mod your ps2 and then use uLe to trasnfer the saves from the mc to the pen drive (use free mc boot its here: with this you can use uLe from the ps2 menu

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    Actually i use the USB port to backup my memory cards all the time.

    Using the Lauch elf utility you can backup the memory to your hard dive or usb memory.

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    You can softmod your ps2 to do what you want it to do.

    You need to install fmcb in your memory card. Everytime the memory card that has fmcb installed is inserted in the ps2 the ps2 is modded. And you can run your own homebrew (applications) in it.

    As for making the usb drive as a ps2 memory card, you can do it by using vmc (Virtual Memory Card) .

    You can run games off the usb or internal harddrive (if your ps2 supports one).

    And watch movies in it through SMS (Simple Media System).

    But first you need to install fmcb on your memory card.

    I hope this helps.

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