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View Poll Results: Upgrade to vBulletin 4 or Stay How We Are?

1079. You may not vote on this poll
  • Upgrade to vBulletin 4

    480 44.49%
  • Stay How We Are

    318 29.47%
  • No Opinion/Preference or Don't Care

    281 26.04%

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    Forum Moderator PS4 News's Avatar
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    Upgrade to vBulletin 4 or Stay How We Are?

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    [size=4]Upgrade to vBulletin 4 or Stay How We Are?

    Currently we are considering upgrading our Portal and Forum to vBulletin 4 in an effort to do the following:
    • Allow users to make their own posts with PS3 releases, files, videos and news that we can easily move to the main page... and until they are frontpaged, people can see the upcoming news and comment on it in the Forum like a normal thread. Currently pending news can't be commented on as it is not accessible, plus it takes hours at times for news to be posted live in the queue so this would mean no waiting around.
    • Allow users to attach more than 3 pictures or 1 file to news posts directly. Currently we are limited in the number attached.
    • Allow users to post/embed video code easily. Currently it's a pain to use the tag system implemented due to the Portal.
    • Allow users to have their own blog pages here (vBulletin 4 supports this, it's optional of course).
    • Update the overall look and feel of the Portal and Forum, it's been 2-3 years already... time for a change or not really?

    If you have never seen vBulletin 4, some pics of it are below for a general reference on the overall look and feel of it.

    Below are some advantages of us keeping things the way they are for anyone unsure what they would lose in the big update:
    • Activity/Longevity meters in Forum posts would go.
    • Random Album Pictures would not be in vBulletin 4 so they would go.
    • Category icons next to the Forum sections would go.
    • Latest PS3 News block above the Forums may go (unless we can mod vB4 to support it).
    • Usergroup Classes (Jr Member, Member, Sr Member, etc) may go (or we could readd them, although some people say they prefer all users to be in a single class with no user "higher up" than another one is).
    • vB4 is still a beta and can be buggy in some browsers.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    CMS_home.png   forum_main.png   member_profile.png   vertical.png  

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    definitely a stay on this one.

    I never was too fond of vbulletin or phpbb, or any forum software, but changes would cause me and many others to be disoriented lol

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    Thumbs Up

    It's GREAT to hear feedback ionbladez and +Rep... as I don't want to make the wrong decision, currently we are using vBulletin 3.8 but the "big move" to vBulletin 4.0 unfortunately means a complete site overhaul as it uses different code so we'd have to import all of the existing posts, threads, etc if we moved.

    The Poll Results so far are here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ne...ay-how-we.html

    By all means, PLEASE if anyone has thoughts or opinions on this share them below... I personally HATE change, but I also notice we are starting to lag behind other sites in how fast news is posted which is the biggest concern of mine and would be remedied with vBulletin 4 as outlined in the first post. However, others may feel we post news fast enough as we have been (or not) ?

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    Thumbs Up

    I voted to keep it the same, but thats more because of the way it looks in the thumbs. but i agree with you on the speed of news posts. So its more of a toss-up. Regardless im sure you wont be losing members over it.

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    I will be +Rep'ing everyone who replies here in the next few days with their feedback... and yes TheShroomster keeping things as they are has its advantages as well.

    I suppose I will make a list of them in the first post and add to both lists based on user feedback here. Thanks guys!

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    please leave it as is..its great the way it is..why muck around with things all the time..i dont understand you people..LOL nah but seriously its great the way it be now ps3 news..thanks mate

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    +Rep to you also elser1.

    I agree with you that usually when something "works" it shouldn't be messed with, but on the other hand some people say "there is always room for improvement" too.

    My biggest concern is the crappy way our news submission system is set up... it just isn't user-friendly (as outlined in the first post) despite our best attempts which deters most people from posting news, and with all of the upcoming PS3 advancements I'd hate to have that harm us in coming months.

    More than a few people have told me here that they wanted to submit news but they needed to attach more than a single file, or they didn't want to wait for it to show live, etc which are all valid reasons. I suppose let's hear from some others!

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    I would say do it, or at the very least make a prototype copy for testing to see if it is liked.

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    +Rep to Infection also... the issue with a Prototype is the changes that would need to be made for vBulletin 4 with the backend code, database and vBSEO links.

    In short, if we were upgrading from say vB 3.8 to vB 3.8.1 then YES we could do a Prototype easily to testrun, but with vB4 since so much differs we really couldn't go back if we made that move. This is why I want to be absolutely sure before we proceed.

    I am going to set this thread to be read by all users logged in so that we can get a better feel for which direction to go.

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    Of course this update will make you a lot of work Boss, but I don't know if we need it. I think Activity and Longevity is an important bar to see, how active the user is. And also the usergroup classes is a reason to stay. But you are sure you can't implement this 2 features to 4.0 ?


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