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    uLoader Version 3.6 Update for Nintendo Wii is Now Available

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    Shortly following his previous release from a few days ago, today Spanish developer Hermes has released a uLoader version 3.6 update for the Nintendo Wii console.

    Download: uLoader Version 3.6 Update for Nintendo Wii

    uLoader v3.6 Changelog, roughly translated:

    - Support for command and dip_plugin Cover in ehcmodule
    - Be deleted using the CIOS 249 (not needed, nor supports the features of uLoader, although suppressed by label)
    - Added support 16:9
    - Added screensaver mode
    - Add alternate menu setup, where you can select whether BCA disk is taken from the database (sd: / bca_database.txt) or in the case of HDD disk / pendrive get the BCA database and 0x100 offset program it in the game
    - Add button (slider below) to suppress the vibration of the controller. Furthermore, it has fixed the shakes that occurred occasionally in the read / write
    - Add button (top slider) to select 4 icons and 2 sizes for the pointer (hand "special", skull, life preservers and hook [+ laughs]). In case of alternative uLoader, continues with his hand always.
    - Add cute to rotate the pointer under control [burla2]
    - Game mode available on DVD painter
    - Fixed cheat mode to keep it from interfering in the execution of multithreaded Ogg
    - Possibility to update uLoader from uLoader;) from the Internet and can download multiple files to the SD and limits of up to 2 MB.
    - Other bugs fixed

    uLoader Version 3.6 Update for Nintendo Wii is Now Available

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    Is this Loader and uSB loader or just a backup launcher ?

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    I dont play my wii all that much so I have a question on what this BCA is. I have read the threads but does this affect new games of mine that I backup to a hard drive? I have not had any problems with any games so I am confused on this BCA. If this is game related is there a list somewhere that shows this?


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    Here is a minor update, to quote from the changes:
    • Added new icons josete2k.
    • Small fixes minor interface.
    • Fixed player mod.
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    thanks much~ that's a charming loader.


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