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    Yea, when i read this, i had to post it up, i really think we might have more options of TV than UHD. Holograms maybe? but this is to show you how crazy are technology is haha

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    And "22.2 multichannel three-dimensional sound."

    Haha that sounds awesome but at the same time totally useless. I find 6.1 enough and there's noway I could fit 2 subs and 22 speakers in my house. That's just crazy.

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    Yeah... 22.2... I live in a pretty big apartment and my room is 10sqm ... even 5.1 is overkill for me... Probably by then we will be living in luxury villas on the Moon and Mars... And these tv screens will replace the sky above bombarding us with ads about the PS 7 and the Xbox 2160.

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