Update #2: For those having issues with the first one, there is now a fixed Genji DVD9 Rip Kit v2 available followed shortly by Genji DVD9 Rip Kit v3 (for those still having issues with it). Cheers!

Update: Gherudos has shared his Genji DVD9 Rip Kit with us today. It removes duplicate movies and re-links them to their original movie files and also the DVD9 checks of course. The DVD9 image went from 7.5GB to 3.07GB in size when ripped to DVD5- nice job! Anyone for a 50 Cent: Bulletproof DVD9 Rip Kit now?

Today the legendary PS2 DVD Ripper neness2000 has shared two new PS2 Utilities with us, specifically Spy Table V° 8.00 (scans LBA tables in munge files, nice for PS2 DVD Rippers) and AFS Universal Extractor / Rebuilder V° 3.8 (now supports multiple same-named AFS files like in Resident Evil 4). Feel free to post your feedback on these cool PS2 Utilities in our Spy Table and AFS Ext/Reb Forum threads, and PROPS to neness2000 for his continued hard work on them!

Finally, we'd like to mention that a third new PS2 Utility is going to be available here this Friday so stay tuned right here for it's world-wide exclusive release! :queston: :queston: