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    Arrow Tutorial: Flashing a Toshiba-Samsung MS25

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    Due to popular request, I wrote tutorial for flashing T/S drives!

    The easiest and safest way is to use a program called extreme boot maker. Its really quite easy.... assuming you can get the damn 360 case apart. Here is my tutorial, some of it comes from the readme. I am not covering the MS28 (might be very similar) or Hitachi drives at this time. See what drive you have here

    Extreme Boot maker is essencial to this procces, with admin's permission I will upload it.

    Xbox 360 with TS DVD drive
    Tools to open 360 case
    Hairdryer (optional)
    Sata Capable PC (or certain addon cards)
    Sata Cable
    Thumb Drive or Floppy (or CDR but not reccomended)

    Extreme Boot Maker
    Commodre4ever's Xtreme Firmware

    1. Download xtreme firmware from above. Download Exteme Bootmaker from somewhere.

    2. Load your floppy disk or connect your USB Flash Drive.

    3. Run Xtreme Boot Maker. See attached picture.

    3a. click open, select your extreme firmware

    3b. check "use custom mtkflash"

    3c. select your computer's sata from the dropdown

    3d. click "detect I/O"

    3e. check the boke's patch if you have an M28 (it will say on top of the drive), check neither if you have an M25.

    3f. Select your thumbdrive/floppy/cd burner (with a CDR inserted) and check "make bootable".
    *note* I highly reccomend not using a CDR. If you use a CDR, you cannot backup and later restore your old firmware!

    3g. then click "prepare drive"
    4. Take off the faceplate from the front of the 360. It is significantly more difficult to do than it should be. Try to position your fingers inside the memory card slots.

    5. (optional) Use the hairdryer to heat the sticker for a few minutes, then carefully and slowly pull it off. With some luck, you will not void your warrenty!

    6. Take your 360 apart. This is by far the hardest step and I really can't help you much. I used a combination of thumbtacks and some eyeglass screwdrivers I borrowed and the back of my 360 is mangled (which voids my warrenty even though the sticker is perfect). I have heard of some people chopping up a spindle, and there are tools available to buy online.

    7. Go into your computer's bios and tell it to boot from the floppy drive, usb drive, or cdrom depending on which you used above. Usually this option is in advanced settings. Turn off the PC.

    8. Disconnect all drives from your pc except the one you need to run the boot device you made. Then connect the Sata cable from your PC to the 360's DVD drive. Leave the power connected to the drive from the 360.

    9. Turn on the 360. Make sure a video cable is connected (doesn't need to be conected to a TV however).

    10. Turn on the PC and it will Boot from your prepared drive or your NTFS cd.

    11. Type "samread xxxxxxx xxxxx" to backup your 360's original firmware. The X's refer to the serial number on the back of your 360 case.

    12. Type "samhack xxxxxxx xxxxx" to flash the Xtreme firmware.
    (Don't include the quotes, and replace the X's again with your S/N)

    Your done. Reassemble and try a backup!

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    I stuck this for now, nice job Kraken!

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    This tutorial may have good intentions but it is far from easy to use.
    Pictures it references are no where to be found and the software usage is beyond comprehendable.

    How the hell do you know which firmware to use form the list? There are about 30 of them...

    The tutorial says ms28 drives but there is no firmware in the rar archive for that drive.

    I have tried 2 different versions of xtreme boot maker and both fail for one reason or another before I can even write the boot image on a usb thumb drive.

    Why is flashing this drive so complicated. Flashing the Hitachi 3120l was a piece of cake compared to the Toshiba Samsung Drive TS-H943a ms28

    Still no success after 18 hours of messing with it.

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    hello friends... i have a tutorial too. you must make a bootable dos disk with your floppy and copy mtkflash file to your disk then type this ofter load dos and choice floppy drive:

    for read firmware: mtkflash r /m orig.bin

    then you must choose your sata drive 360. then you can go to windows and hack your firmware (take a backup before hack firmware).

    then you must repeat step until firmware read then type this: mtkflash w /m hacked.bin

    and choose drive360.

    and now your drive is flashing.

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    mtkflash don't work with all sata controllers, so grab dosflash, is more easy

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    help please Can't flash Toshiba MS28

    just bought a samsung m28 drive off ebay. As instructed on executer's website/tutorials, I've tried to flash the firmware via Iprep boot disk to thumb drive, then boot to the thumb drive, for some odd reason the pc is not reading or can't update the firmware to the toshiba drive.

    i have the toshiba drive connected to port 4 sata to the PC as for power I am using executer connectivity kit using the molex power converter to the back of the drive and select power on and the red lights come on and I press eject to ensure it's working and it does work, now I am not sure about the mode b, as I've read mode b does not apply for samsungs.

    Can someone please give me advice to properly flash the drive. Thank you so much. Better yet where can I find the most recent SS bin files for the latest games, that's the main reason I bought the extra drive. thank you so much once again

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    So DosFlash Works on Samsung as well.

    i know it works with Benq but Samsung? alright.

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    Excellent guide.. Easily understood!


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