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    Post Tutorial: Benq VAD6038 laser replacement

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    Easy install of new laser in Benq VAD6038
    My original tutorial is HERE: http://www.freewebs.com/mainlinedeal...serinstall.htm

    Direct links to pictures provided for convenience.

    This tutorial was written because I had to replace this laser for a friend and couldn't find a single tutorial online to do it so I've documented my process to share with others.

    Step one:

    disassemble your xbox 360 (there are many tut's online so no reason for me to beat it to death with another one.

    Step 2:

    Lift your drive up vertically from the motherboard and remove the power and sata connections from the drive.


    Step 3:

    Good now you have removed your drive, place it in your work space and gather the necessary tools if you haven't already.

    (you will need a small & medium phillips screwdriver, a soldering iron, desoldering wick "if you need it", a T6 torque driver, and a new laser )

    We will be working on the Benq drive model #VAD6038


    Step 4:

    Flip your drive over and remove the four screws from the circled areas in this picture


    Step 5:

    Remove the top and bottom of the drives housing. (they both just pull off vertically with the drive layed horizontially, either can be removed first.)


    Step 6:

    Heat up your iron because your new laser should have came with a stactic point. In the picture below you will see three distinct solder pads, when your laser arrives these will all be bridged with a glob of solder. (I just cleaned the tip of my iron dipped it in flux and the extra solder transfered to the tip of my iron, based on your experience and the quality of your soldering equipment you may need to use desoldering braid to remove the point bridging these pads,.....use your best judgment to remove this static point.)


    Step 7:

    Pull the tap twards you from both sides to release the ribbon connecting the laser. The screw pointed to in yellow will be removed later in step 10.


    Now flip your drive over, the remaining steps will be performed with it's bottom facing upwards.


    Step 8:

    First pull the tab pictured between the red arrows in the direction show to release this ribbon cable. Then push the tabs (yellow arrows point to them) outward to release the drive control board.


    Step 9:

    Get out your t6 torque driver and remove these two screws. (shown with them already removed)


    Now with the control board lifted remove the two remaining t6 screws that hold down the laser on its rails.


    Step 10:

    Now with the control board lifted lift the laser assembly up about a 1/2 inch and pull it to the right side while flipping it to face up. (be careful as wires are soldered to it and the control board you will be lifting to get it out, if you prefer you may desolder the wires but there is enough slack in them to replace the laser without doing it.)

    From the picture in step 7 remove the screw pointed to in yellow and pull this piece straight off, now remove the two screws in this picture and the rail can be removed and the new laser slid onto it. now follow all steps in reverse to reassemble and your all set!!!!!


    There's your new laser installed!!!! Have fun and good luck!!!

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    Thanks idone, +Rep and STICKY'd!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    100_2484k.jpg   100_2487l.jpg   100_2490m.jpg  

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    nice tut. little easy way i use is eject tray fully open. and then un screw this:

    then this while its still all together:

    change lense and put back together. saves taking it all apart.

    and a handy tip is the liteon lense is exactly the same so if you have a benq as a replacement drive then your liteon can be for spares.

    just another way hope it helps.

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    My xbox 360 was not reading disks and I did a bit of research and found your posting here. Instead of buying a replacement drive for $100 (which was out of stock in most places), I thought I'd take a crack at replacing the laser.

    I bought two from ebay for $10 a piece ('cause you know it is going to happen again). Followed your visual instructions and in about an hour I have my 360 up and running again.

    The only tricky thing was reattaching the cable into the laser, but besides that it went really smooth.

    I appreciate the time you spent creating this tutorial. It was extremely helpful.

    In the spirit of helping out, I've posted a few photos of my own that I took that fill in gaps in your tutorial:

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    Thanks glad to of helped!!!,... i do try.

    Main reason for this tut was that i couldnt find one out there... one for every other drive but this one and a friend needed his replaced.

    good to hear yours is also up and running again.


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    thanks dude you did a good job on the tutorial. i honestly think you should do a video and put it up on youtube. little is known about the benq drive disassembly and laser replacement.


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