New software let's you stream tunes, vids and pics through Ninty's hub.

We love our Wii more than is humanly acceptable. But while our hungry thumbs are sated by bouts of boxing and endless hours of Zelda, we wouldn't mind a spot of media hub action to stop our PS3 cravings.

Step forward then X-OOM's media centre for Wii. It promises to turn your ice-white Ninty box into a place for snaps, music and video.

Install the software and you'll be able to use the Wii's WiFi powers to stream everything on your PC downstairs and onto your gogglebox.

It'll support MP3s, WMAs, MPEG4s, DivX and XviD. Not half bad we reckon. It's out in six weeks, for a mere £29.99.

Ideal if you don't fancy the Big M or Sony's gaming come media monsters

Turn your Wii into a media hub

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