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    Tour Michael Jackson's Private Arcade Game Collection

    Tomorrow coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial tribute will dominate network and cable TV.

    Until then, fans can view a 360-degree virtual tour of Michael Jackson's private arcade game collection courtesy of

    To quote: See the exhibition itself, as you take a 360-degree tour through Michael Jackson's impressive personal collection of arcade cabinets, which were on display in Beverley Hills earlier this year.

    If you're at work or on a slower computer, beware: the tour is heavy going on your web browser. But it's worth bookmarking and saving for a quieter moment, if only because you'll rarely, if ever, see something this great in real life.

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    Wow, on top of everything else, that guy was a gaming machine.

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    Best room ever. Life size power rangers = instant win.

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    Nice! Flawless Victory

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    This doesn't completely weird me out at all...

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    Looks pretty awesome, and i know one guy who would be in his glory to have a personal look at some of the goodies, and that someone is darthi8nt..hehe..aka Dark Vader Man..

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