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    Poll Thoughts on a 'Post Stuff and Chat' Forum here?

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    Today OGroteKoning sent me a message suggesting we could add a (for lack of a better term at the moment) "Post Stuff and Chat" Forum here. We tried this long ago and it didn't seem that active, but perhaps it's worth a second try again?

    Here is what he said in part:

    Howdy BOSS. Long time no speak ... I was just wondering if you ever had a section on here in which members can just come and post "stuff" and chat? I can't remember if I saw something like that before (if it was there I certainly didn't use it). I have recently joined another forum in my country for broadband reasons, and I find it quite stimulating that one can just start a thread and chat about garbage ... it keeps the forum alive.

    Our forum here is much more PS3 news orientated and I don't know how you feel about having a section in which people can discuss something else than console news.
    If anyone is interested in the idea I have 2 main questions:

    1) What should we call this section if we added such a thing so others will recognize and use it?
    2) Where should it be located on our main Forum page? (top, middle, bottom forum etc)

    I will +Rep all ideas and suggestions from those who reply below.

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    i like the idea.. on other forums i've seen it as "general discussions" or "general chat".. i like "social intercourse" myself.

    its usually at the top. not that i'm an expert..

    could be good.

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    It should be just a default chat, right ? So create an normal Chatbox with vBulletin and place the link next to "Quick Links" above. I would say that's a good position. Of course, I would really like to have an chat here, connecting to the forums account with different rights for each member group. What are you thinking about it ?

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    Yeah, something like "Soapbox" or "Lounge" or similar. I see it being a place that a smaller number of the very active users could just shoot the breeze. I don't think it would be huge, but would definitely be a nice thing to have.

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    This would mainly be a Forum where users can post whatever is on their minds and get feedback from other members... things like what music or movies they like or have seen recently, something cool they saw on the Internet, sharing random videos, etc.

    Sadly a chatbox takes away from Forum posting so we probably won't add one of those back yet... but if the day ever comes when the Forums get real busy then sure we could do it again too!

    Quote Originally Posted by severusx View Post
    Yeah, something like "Soapbox" or "Lounge" or similar.
    Yep, I've seen them called Lounge or Offtopic Chat etc... if anyone else has ideas feel free to post them below and +Rep guys!

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    Lounge or Chatbox would be good names for a normal Chat. Hope to see the Chat in the near future here.

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    Well, I think that forum posts will help more with SEO, so a live chat box is a nice idea, but not as useful to the site. I don't mind forum posts at all, and I do think having a place to bounce out random thoughts or have OT discussions would be nice.

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    I completely agree with you

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    i like the idea too.

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    would be a good way too get to know the other members better.


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