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    Dec 2010

    Thoughts on the Nintendo 2DS?

    Here is the video for those who haven't seen it. I think it's a great scheme by Nintendo to appeal to younger kids.

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    And possibly confuse people used to the 3DS at the same time

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    Nov 2010
    I think it's designed more for those who would otherwise mishandle an expensive 3DS (ie kids, monkeys). Kinda looks like a Fisher Price tablet.

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    Jan 2011
    I think it sucks for the gamer, but if I wanted to buy the kids a LeapFrog I would. Passing on this one.

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    future collector! Console who kill nintendo...

    wii.. wiiU and now this... bye bye

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    Considering the 3D isn't really necessary for most of the games, and it gives a lot of people a headache, I think the 2DS is actually a smart move. The problem is that it makes Nintendo look a little silly after betting on the 3D thing.

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    Not my cup of tea

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    My 3DS is a 2DS I just don't have the 3D on, plus the added bonus of it being a flip you can protect the screen from damage while it's not in use even if you don't have a case for it, they could of just added a firmware update to be able to disable 3D in the options so a small child does not turn it on with the slide

    The 3DS games are good, mostly aimed at the younger players though so not much for me there (there are a few games though, Resident Evil Revelations & Metal Gear Solid 3 remake are a couple of them), the DS set of games that are already there are great though and have a nice mix of games, that cover most gamers needs

    Design wise I don't like the look of the newer 2DS or see the point really unless a lot of 3DS consoles have been getting the top screen snapped off or something, so went with a flat design instead of a flip top, as I stated on the first line they should of made the 3D as an option maybe even a passworded option along with age settings ect to make it child friendly rather than just removing the 3D

    I can't call this a new console though it is still a 3DS with a poor design

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    well at least, 3DS had a mouthful games available in market (specially rpg, jrpg to be exact), I always bring it to my work as my stress reliever. But I had my 3D option off since it drain the battery faster and it makes you dizzy like having a motion sickness.

    while my Vita sits in my desk for a while and sometimes play DJMax Technika Tune on it. For now, it doesnt do much at all, specially that Vita game updates had only games that is recycled from PS3 game library, most of them are indie games in PS3.

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    The 2DS should've been foldable, just like the current 3DS without the 3D effect. It lost its ability to be compact. I'm assuming the one big screen saves costs but its awkward looking.

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