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    Team HyperX Presents IXtreme 1.6 Firmware for XBox 360

    As the title states, today Team HyperX has released IXtreme 1.6 Firmware for Benq, Samsung and Liteon XBox 360 drives.

    Download: LiteOn iXtreme THX v1.6 REPACK / BenQ iXtreme THX v1.6 / LiteOn iXtreme THX v1.6 / Samsung iXtreme THX v1.6


    - Strict Wave 3 compliance! hybrid (modified disks) will not boot!
    - Strict drive speed compliance - 12x only for game discs!
    - Support for SS V2!
    - Integrated 0800 for game dumping including SS v2!
    - Full support for all known game exceptions! eg ddr etc!
    - One shot boot mode! - allows a one off boot of gamedisc without -stealth/partition checks (will still use stealth), use activate.iso disk to activate each time!
    - Support for easy drive key/version info cmd, same as liteon!
    - Strict stealth/wave checking, one shot boot mode will boot wave(x)!

    More Info:

    Strict Wave 3 compliance means wave 3 games will only boot if they have correct PFI/DMI/SS and timestamp for wave 3

    Strict drive speed compliance means games will only boot if drive is set for the initial speed of 12x, any modification of this make games fail to boot

    SS v2 suports multiple timing samples for challenges type 5 and 7 , stroing them in the SS. This is a pre-requiste for SS v3 which has support for the so called AP2.5 check. Since this has never been used or may never be used by MS we will adopt a wait and see approach and continue to monitor for its usage.

    With drive in Windows mode (Tray half open on powerup) 0800 mode is activated allowing easy dumping of game disc including SS v2. In this mode the drive is also able to output drive key, fw version and drive type by using a simple custom inquiry command.

    Game exceptions are integrated in the fw for games that do not comply with the strict wave checks but are legitimate. These are Dance Dance Revolution Universe, Stoked, Ping 17 disk, afro samurai

    One shot boot mode allows you to boot a Wave X or non stealth game by using the activate.iso disk as a flag. Just insert the activate disc and the next disc inserted will boot without any strict checks. This will still utilise full stealth if available. As soon as that disc is booted the flag is cleared, and you will have to re-insert the activate disk again to enable one shot boot. As always use with caution.

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    Awesome, I've been waiting for this for a while now.

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    Here are some of the related files for those interested..

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    I was wondering if this could be a bad thing because of the activate.iso. Couldn't BIG OLE M.S. just implement the activate.iso structure in to there disc's some way and then it would send a message to there servers and we all know what happens from there. But to be more specific the activate.iso turns on one shot boot mode so if Microsoft edited the coding to activate but then send a simple check if the that came on or not basically yes I'm hacked no I'm not. Let me know what you guys think maybe I'm just over thinking this but I really do think its possible for them and very simple.

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    I can only imagine M$ have plenty of cards up their sleeve when it comes to disc authentication/Mod checks. Everytime they use a new one, it gets broken.

    Look at how long it was since the 1st few "Wave 3" games came out, then how long it was til the firmware was released to support them.

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    Waiting for a Hitachi version.

    Nice, I will wait for a Hitachi version.

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    sucks that there has been no news on the current status of hitachi drives.

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    Can't Wait

    oh... now im just soo excited can't wait to flash my benq!

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    Quote Originally Posted by loo626 View Post
    oh... now im just soo excited can't wait to flash my benq!
    me too... it's very annoying to wait so long

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    Hold up?
    You guys can flash your BenQ with 1.6 its us Hitachi guys who have to wait.
    So i dont know what your moaning about

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