Hi all,

I made a backup of my original of SWAT Global Strike Team for PS2. I know it's an old game now but I really like the game and my original disc is still clean and scratch free and I want to keep it that way.

I am running V7 PAL UK PS2 with Swap Magic CD3.0 and DVD2.0 and a fllip top.

Tried out all the cdloader fixes and v7all, beta 3, No PN etc and everything I could think of but to no avail. I searched the net and various websites but still got nowhere. I have never had any other games that I could not get working and although new to the boards here I am not new to backing up games or using Swap Magic and the fixes.

It loads plays through the company logos, plays an intro video, then black screen with blue loading bar at the bottom comes up, this bar fills up about 1cm then stops the disc carries on spinning but nothing else happens. The blue load bar remains on screen.

I remember this game had the double check protection on it or something and was a problem for many people. So I wonder, is there a fix or a way to patch it yet?

Thanks for any help!!