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    Stick Out Tongue Super Bowl XL!

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    From the official site SuperBowl.com:
    Two franchises starved for an NFL championship -- the NFC's Seahawks and the AFC's Steelers -- will square off in Detroit in Super Bowl XL (6 p.m. ET, ABC). Get the day started with NFL Network's pregame show at noon ET.
    Any thoughts, predictions, etc? Anyone have some $$$ riding on the game?

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    I have the Steelers winning 21-17.

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    I have the steelers winning by more then 4.5 pts. If they do win Ill pocket a cool 250$, if they lose im out 50$.

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    Wow nice! Ya, I also have heard the Steelers will win... if so then it sounds nice for you WOWchamp!

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    Steelers... I have no doubt. Don't hold me to it though

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    I`m thinking steelers to win by 7, but this is just a prediction that`s all.

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    Big Grin

    And the Steelers won- beating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10!

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    the seagulls lost, their fault they kept screwing up.....

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    w00t baby, my ps3 nest egg just got 250$ bigger

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    the steel curtain was back in effect this year!


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