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    i second that, all they do the entire game is say what they would do if it were them. Who the ($*%*&(&*%$(*$((# cares your old....done. The game has changed a million times over since you had a playbook in your hands. Announce the game tell some stats and shut the )*$($*(% up

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    Well, I thought it was a boring game not very exciting. As far as the umpiring went it blew chunks. Bad calls and missed calls all over the place but a team like the Seahawks put themselves into that position. Look at how many times the tight end dropped the pass that could of led them to a T.D without the bad calls. Pittsburgh played a much lackluster game with the exception of the gadget play but one result that came out of this game was the fact that Coach Bill Cowher finally got that monkey off his back. He is by far one of the finest coaches in the NFL and the Steelers originization should be praised on how the Rooney family stuck with a man on principal even though he had not won the so called "BIG GAME". I'am not a Seahawks fan nor am I a Steelers fan but I can tell you the National Anthem was horrible with the awful singing of Neville and I'am a big Stones Fan but there halftime performance was very much Lackluster and their second choice of song was also inappropriate for center stage as I have young children watching and thank god for ABC with the delay for editing out some words. Paul McCartney of the Beetles did a much better and entergetic halftime show last year. Well here's waiting until next year so you all need to stop and think about one thing people..................."Are you ready for some Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    All great points darthi8nt as an NFL fan everything about the game wasnt up to par with other years. It was a down year as far as the Super Bowl is concerned. Pittsburgh had a tough road to the Super Bowl and the actual finale was so anticlimactic. Regardless, 31 other NFL teams wish they were in the same predicament being the NFL CHAMPS!

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    Wow, Ben Roethlisberger went 9 for 21 in passing compleations for a HUGE 123 yards. A quarterback rating in the Low 20's, That's a new record folks! FOR THE WORST PERFORMANCE OF A QUARTERBACK ON THE WINNING TEAM. The game was dull, aka The SUPER BORE~. Referees were bad, halftime show was terrible, im glad I went to bed early. See ya, Jerome!

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    im not a fan of these teams, but from what i saw it was seahawks vs stealers and refs.

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    Didnt like either team really (cept when the black and gold scored me 250$ cash). Watched alteast 5 steelers games this year as I live in PA and my dad watches them so I do for a lack of something better. #43 Polomoasmdofasdfjl (sp) didnt have the game he usually does.. maybe he was being carefull not to get a stupid penalty like he did a few times in the regular season. But the Steel Curtian didnt play like it should have. Either way thats 250$ off my PS3

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    hmm.... lack luster dosent even sum that game up. There were more exciting games in the 1970 Preason games. I completly understand where people are coming from on adding up points, but i use to play the game through little league, jr. high, and till i got a back injury in high school, there is nothing like having an amazing play that puts big plays in your pocket get taken back on so-so penatlies. I do admit i recorded the game and watched certain "big plays" by the seahawks and steelers and i can tell you 100% for sure on the EL 2 Ward pass 3 offensive line men held and the ref watched it (he was starring right at one of them) then when the ball was thrown he didnt even look at the players he actually watched the pass:| It seems the officials were to busy watching then calling when pittsburgh was on offense. I remember a certain PITTS... player saying in the IND. vs PIT playoff game that the refs made calls in favor of IND. hmmm maybe the "league" was returning the favor. Anyways if you can look at the game everytime SEAHAWKS made any type of progress in the 2nd half the officials mad bad calls.

    Also one more thing about the people that are adding up points and saying pit would have still won by this and that. Being down 11 with 4 mintues to go and being down 4 with 4 mintues to go changes your game plan a million. Think about it. Ohhh and yea I can't wait to see Arena Football and the Pro Bowl although its usually boring but i have a hunch with the Practice Type looking Superbowl we just saw it may be better. XL turned out to be a BIG FAILURE. Even the commercials werent exciting the best one was the dark light beer with the man and woman tackles.

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    steelers rightfully won

    The steelers rightfully won whether you think refs made bad calls. Im from pittsburgh and followed them all year so if u wanna talk about bad calls there were plenty against them. Steelers were also the better team, look who they had to beat to get to the superbowl. Carolina hardly put up a fight for the seahawks. The aftermath street riot here on Pitt campus was also a lot of fun

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    Questionable calls were made for both teams. People need to stop *****ing and enjoy the game, honestly. I really thought Matt Hasselbeck fumbled the ball that one time in XL, but they called it incomplete. OH FREAKIN' WELL. Jeeze...

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    I feel bad for the Steelers, their Coach and their fans; probably they will not be able to sleep in a long time knowing in their hearts that the trophy belongs to the Seahawks. Those calls by the Refs prevented Steelers from being crushed badly. Open your eyes people!!!


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