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    Contributor Xcali1985's Avatar
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    I $*%^# hate pissy buger steelgirls *&$^&# the NFL should be banned from television now. $*(%*((*# (%&(#*&)# &$(#*)(@ %&*($&(*# %)&%). I know ill get smashed for these comments but my entire family love that team and i hear that )**$*( all year over and over. now im on the verge of sucide. )$*%$)*#)#*))$*$_($_(_$(*)%(*$(*#&#(&*$##$(&#(&#:|

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    what? lol idk if you like the seahawks or stealers....

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    The hold call against the seahawks was kind of a bad call. I think that would have been a little boost of momentum for the seahawks and possibly win the game.

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    their was some bad calls, that offensive pass interference that negated a TD for example, but i still feel the steelers wouldve pulled it out even tho i hate them but yeah you never know calls like that definitely can change the complexity of the game.

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    Bad Calls:

    Pass interference: TD called Back
    Tounchdown: He was stopped short. I used Tivo and we watched it 20-30 times he was short. You can not do give mes in the a game like that it needs to be clear cut or try again.
    Holding Pentaly: 1 Yard Line Catch
    Low Block: 15 Yards puts mid-field

    & I saw a hell of a lot of holding on the offense by pittsburgh
    & that El to Ward pass there were offensive linemen downfield I know the refs cant see everything but this was a big game more refs wont hurt, hell they getting 1800$+ per ticket & 3Mil per commercial i think they can afford a few more pairs of eyes.

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    To me, the game was pretty boring over all, with high points here and there. But whatever, Steelers won. Pittsburgh Pride, hah.

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    Also nothern pimp i dont like the seahawks but i have a passionate hate for the steelers that burns greater than an chemical fire. I once was in pittsburgh and wanted to burn the entire city to the ground. I can tell you right now pittsburgh had the 12 & 13 man in that stadium 12 = the crowd & 13 = the officials

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    Wasn't that jumbled, half-assed final attempt by the Seahawks hillarious (good old clock managment!)? I thought that gadget triple play for the TD by the Steelers was one of the coolest plays ever conceived myself...

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    I see Google Video has the Super Bowl XL Commercials available... so far I haven't seen any really nice, but still watching them all HEHE.

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    the nfl should be banned from abc, al michaes is a tool and a complete idiot.


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