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    Suggestion needed on cd repair kit...

    once in a while i run across a disc that i can't back it up, i get the famous error "cyclic error" with dvd shrink and then another one with dvd decrypter. i did some research and people have told me to look into those cd repair kits; skip dr., fellowes cd repair kit, etc. they are tons out there...

    anyhow, i am here to ask if any of you recommend a certain brand? because i noticed they are a bit expensive... i have seen at least 3 different brands but can't decide. please advise? thank you.

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    Assuming that you are dealing with movies, there are two reasons why this might happen, copy protection or a damaged disk. Newer movies, especcially by sony have bad sectors similar to a PS2 game. They use these bad sectors to screw up DVD copying software like DVD shrink. You can get a utility or rather a kit to copy them anyways, but it is significantly more work than before.

    Alternatly your disk could be damaged. In that case, dust off the old DVDXCOPY software and launch DVDXRESCUE. It will rip whatever it can, and in most cases, you will only lose a few seconds.

    If its not a movie, Nero has an option to ignore bad sectors and create and ISO anyways. I have used this successfully with PS1 games giving that error.

    As for physically fixing your disk, its not easy. The disk doctors usually cause more harm than good. Just make sure there are no smudges and fingerprints.

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    Have you tried apollo dvd as it works really good unless the disc is to scratched and needs repairing as that can be a mess at times as Kraken has mentioned.
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    The BEST program combination out to date is anyDVD and Clone DVD2.

    Use anyDVD ( I use the anyDVD HD but anyDVD will work fine if your only doing DVD's and not Blu-Ray/HD-DVD movies) and Clone DVD ( is in beta and should be out soon but should do just fine if you use the latest version of anyDVD).

    There are a few problem disks like SAW 3 and ZOOM mostly sony/lionsgate films that use the sony ARCCOS and puppet lock protections that DVD Shrink will just not work with (DVD Decrypter as well).

    If you have alcohol 120% use that to dump the disk, it will copy whatever it can to an image and then just burn that to a DVD.

    On the other hand if the movies can be backed up already, but yours is just damaged I find it easier just to either A) have it resurfaced or B) rent it and make a copy from the rental because you have the original and no one would say any more about it.

    Especially in my case since my local pawn shop rents movies even new releases for 1$ per day and resurfaces disks for $1 each!

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    You can also go to GameCrazy its part of Hollywood Video they can repair any dvd or games from scratches for like 2 or 3dollars. Am not sure if they have any stores in the east coast.

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    you guys are amazing! thank you so much for all the replies. i am going to try a few things. i can't remember if the discs that i have had issues with were from sony or not, i know i just tried 3 discs of the series, lois and clark - the adventures of superman and i got that error message i told you guys about. all the other ones worked fine.

    i do have alcohol 120%, i just never thought about using it. i will still look into the other programs you guys had mentioend here...

    the only thing that surprises me is what you guys had said about the disc doctor stuff. so, does it really mess up the discs even more? but how? if you are not an experienced person cleaning them? or those things is a bunch of marketing/crap?

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