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    Square Enix Teases at Bahamut Game, Launch Countdown Page

    Square Enix is doing the whole "teaser countdown site" thing again. This time, a new teaser site linked to from the Square Enix official page appears to be counting down to a Monday reveal of a game that has something to do with the word "Bahamut."

    The last time Square Enix hosted a countdown page, the world was given the gift of Chrono Trigger DS. That teaser page didn't do too much to hide the identity of the game in question, promising a Nintendo DS title with the initials "CT."

    This time, the teaser site,, makes no mention of a system. As for the name Bahamut, Square Enix does have a long lost Japan-only Super NES strategy RPG called Bahamut Lagoon. Perhaps another revival is on the way?

    Of course, this is all speculation. Any guesses? Comment below! More PlayStation 3 News...

    Update: A quick follow-up: Per RuliWeb ( Japanese gaming mag Shonen Jump has revealed the title as being an action RPG for Nintendo DS, sporting 3D backdrops mixed with 2D sprites.

    Two characters, namely Ibuki and Yui, are revealed in the magazine’s latest issue, suggesting that a multiplayer aspect will be present.
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