May 10, 2007 - Square Enix is going PSP crazy. Along side the announcement for Star Ocean: First Departure at their press conference today was the announcement Star Ocean: Second Evolution, a retelling of the RPG classic released on the original Playstation.

When considering the build-up to Star Ocean 4, potential new fans may want to have an opportunity to explore the back story of critically acclaimed series. Second Evolution will give them just that, along with an updated presentation. This title is getting the same upgrades that First Departure is getting, complete with fresh CG cutscenes.

The Star Ocean series is one of Square Enix's lesser known franchises that has received critical acclaim in the press, and a cult following among RPG fans. By mixing sci-fi, fantasy, and real-time battles, the series has it's own unique footprint amongst the Square Enix family of games.No release date was announced for any of the new Star Ocean games, but fret not. We expect details to start flowing in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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