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    Spoil the First Level of The Conduit on Nintendo Wii for Yourself

    IGN has posted footage of the entire opening level of The Conduit, a generous fifteen minutes of action in which hero Mr. Ford takes down enemy marines, shoots up bipedal "Drudge" warriors, and charges down corridors.

    Then some more corridors. And then even more corridors. Seriously: there's a lot of corridors in this. A lot of conduits, even.

    Videos courtesy of IGN can be viewed below.. Enjoy!



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    Haha, it looks like Red Steel meets... meets... um... uh... Red Steel!

    Anyways, great videos, can't wait for the game!

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    looks strange for me and hopefully the game will feature a lot of gameplay. looks nice what they can get out of the wii. the textures don't look very good to me. it's wii like. maybe the devolopers should stick with party games or jump&run or maybe adventures but i cannot see that a fps will work on the wii. anytime...

    the console is just too weak.

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