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    Sony: PS2 Turns Nine Years Old, System's Life Cycle to Continue

    The PS2 turns nine years old this week, which Sony originally launched in the US sporting a $299 price tag.

    The slimline PlayStation 2 console, introduced in 2004, still remains available on store shelves for a retail price of $99.

    According to Sony Computer Entertainment America, the console has a worldwide installed base of nearly 140 million, with a library approaching 10,000 games having sold more than 500 million copies combined.

    Although Nintendo's GameCube and Microsoft's original Xbox ceased production years ago, Sony today declared that the PS2 "shows no signs of slowing down" at the tail end of its 10-year life span.

    According to the NPD Group, the PS2 sold 146,000 last month, down from 173,500 in September 2008 and 215,000 in September of 2007.

    To quote from Sony's Senior Public Relations Specialist Abby Reyes:

    "There's no set date for when the life cycle of PlayStation 2 will end. As long as people keep playing, and publishers keep putting out great new titles, the console's life cycle will continue.

    The longevity of the PlayStation 2 can be directly attributed to its versatility. Because it's not only a game console, but a home entertainment hub, it has found its place in one out of every three U.S. households.

    That huge install base has resulted in consistent developer support and a huge library of titles along with strong retail presence, all of which allows PlayStation 2 to remain the console of choice for years to come."

    Sony: PS2 Turns Nine Years Old, System's Life Cycle to Continue

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    well done sony, they deserved this. my mom got me an original ps2 launch back in 2001 and it still works perfect!

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    PS2 R Made of WIN! Live in your world, play in Ours. Why? Because we owned both the Xbox and Gamecube and still manged to kick everyone of the next-gen systems butt for a little bit too.

    In honor of the Sony PlayStation 2....

    Thanks to the Sony PS2 I can at least say, I have lived.

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    I have still two modded ps2's and they still work great and the large selection of games available is great, and at least we can play backup of games were as the ps3 cannot yet, and some of these games have some pretty decent graphics and with the HDTV Player we can up the picture quality which makes it better yet.Happy Birthday to the PS2.

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    my slim is still hooked up and works perfectly. still lots of rpg's to finish, and street fighter 3 is still plenty fun as well as katamari.

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    My ps2 still rocks. the laser is dead but HDL keeps everything going nicely. And with artemis coming in nicely, we could have lots of gaming and cheating going on.

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    With games like Persona or MGS 3 PS2 still rules out any console.

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    Happy Birthday PS2!

    My old phat ps2 is still going but the laser is finally starting to show itīs age.
    I wonīt let her rest though, with FMCB and HDL she lives on.

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    Good news, indeed!

    May the PS2 continue for many more years to come!!

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    Definitely... I still play my ps2 quite often.

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