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    Sony Hints at Future Third-Party Downgrades for XBox 360

    Speaking in a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Ray Maguire has suggested that future multi-platform titles from third-parties will be led on PS3 and will have to be downgraded for systems with weaker processors.

    Discussing the topic of third-party publisher support on the PS3, Maguire said: "I think we now have an install base which is big enough for any third party to want to develop for.

    Now the decision making part of development is which do you lead your development on? Is it easier to lead with the most powerful, both in terms of AI and graphics, i.e. PS3 and then just remove part of the functionality for the processors that aren't quite as strong? I would imagine that's very much part of the thought process now from a studio development point of view."

    We're already seeing multi-format titles being lead on PS3, including the great looking Mirror's Edge from DICE, but judged on the released demo the game still looks marginally sharper on Xbox 360.

    Should all developers be looking first to PS3? Share your thoughts in the comments below! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Seems like a lot of Sony wishful thinking. They need to focus on getting the game to run with less issues. This includes Sony exclusives.

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    Fanboy-ism detected!? From another news posted 1 or 2 days ago:
    - PS3 version has richer and more defined colors than the Xbox 360 version.
    - PS3 version has slightly sharper textures (Not to be confused with jaggies, which brings me to my next point).
    - Xbox 360 version has slightly less jaggies than the PS3 version.
    Like most game I've seen, I don't believe the difference (if there's really one) is something to consider when buying a game. I hardly see a difference and I'm not sure if there's really one when looking at the exact same screen from a PS3 game VS the X360 version, so, if you're really into the game, there's no way you can notice it.

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