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    Some things work, some don't...

    Hi guys, need a bit of advice here and there. I've read every post on the forum and everything so i'm going to say whats been happen and which post i've seen and everything.

    I've tested about 20 backups so far on a v12 slime line PSTwo with Swapmagic 3.6. I also have a CD Loader handy just incase i dunno magically it will work.

    So far:
    Kingdom Heart, Ultimate Spiderman, Hulk Ultimate destrustion needs to be kept spinning in the Ps2 for like 5-8 mins or something before i get something.

    NBA v3 i used the patch rebuilding... works AWESOME... no prob no nothing.

    Some of the lesser games: Viewtiful Joe 2, Naruto 2, KOF Impact, Makai Kingdom, FF X-2, Xmen Legends... works with a snap.

    God of War sorta works, i've only had a short snaffu with it at the begiing. 3 cds later works. 1st cd was on a DVD-R medium Memorex, scraped couldn't do anything after the first serpent... switch to a Smartbuy DVD+R works no problem thus far. Oh i've also tried Memorex DVD+R eddition works ok..can't get GTA SAN ANDREAS to work though :S. I tend to burn at the lowest option Nero gives me 4x or 2.4x on my laptop.

    Now i've read in one post try a TOC refresh. Grab a game that has a higher TOC than the game ur trying to load. I did that with Kingdom Heart..and it failed. Another game i tried for that one would be Mushashi Samuari Legend... that failed too. I don't have Devil May Cry 3 but as long as the TOC is bigger than the game it should be fine. However when i do a TOC refresh it tells me NOT A PS2 CD..i'm like who say... this is an original... so i searched and used the DVD Loader also the CD Load v7 also.. that didn't work out also.

    Now i'm reading also about rebuilding games and evertyhing I read the article about UltraISO , Decrypter and Nero. My file size didn't change and my PS2 is still spining around and around on the disk.

    Ok with that said.

    1) Is there something that I am missing here? cuze some games just works and some just doesn't but when i read other people's experience its suppose to work i have the same specs and everything as some people and it works for them but mine just keeps spinning.

    2) Am I missing something in the UltraISO rebuild poste.. I've tried it on Marvel Nemesis actually... the size didn't change. I noticed that the guide said to DRAG and DROP the folders, but wut to do with the files that are just dangling freely inside the main root? I would assume you take it over also, so thats what I did, and well cd still spinning around... I always let it sit, THEN try a DVD/CD Loader just for the heck of it (with the intruction of , put in swap magic, then swap in CD Loader, press eject, insert DVD edition of Swapmagic, then Swap in Backup, then hit x) that doesn't work either.

    So far thats my experience, any suggestions, comments on what to do?

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    I would try some different dvd-r or +r brands
    try: ritek, verbatim or Taiyo-Yuden
    Memorex dvd's/cd's have never worked for me, if they do they work for a little bit then lose the data. luckily my pc could still read them and i copied them to riteks. i have also had good luck with optodisc.

    for rebuilding, its actually worked for people with out rebuilding on this thread
    but usually you just replace the dummy files with "blank" or small dummy files.

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    Every game that you mentioned works perfectly for me on my slimline v12 and the Swap Magic 3.3 set without rebuilding, patching, or loaders, so go figure. All burnt at 4x on Ridata DVD+Rs. The only backups that have ever not worked as-is for me are Shadow of Rome (patched), Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (DVDloader), Champions: Return to Arms (DVDloader), Splinter Cell 2 (zoneloader), NBA Street vol. 3 (rebuilt), Mercenaries (rebuilt), FIFA Street (patched). I hear FIFA 2006, Total Overdose, The Rumble Fish, UEFA Champions League, and possibly Terminator 3 and Bloodrayne 2 all need to be rebuilt as well, but just about everything else works fine for me with straight swaps.

    Like northernpimp said, I think you are just not using the right media and/or burning at the best speeds for your burner. The lowest speed, in my experience, is not necessarily the best speed to burn at -- for instance, I discovered I get better disc reading when I burn at 4x instead of 2.4x. Try to find the best mix of media and burn speed for your particular burner and then stick with that.

    Riteks, Verbs, and Taiyo Yuden/Fujifilms are supposed to be pretty good, as are TDKs (as long as they're not rebranded CMC Magnetics). One good way to determine which burning speed is best is by testing different speeds on a problem disc which is read-intensive. Naruto 2 might be a good one for you, since that is what I used; even though the game itself worked fine for me, the intro kept skipping no matter how many times I burned it. When I upped the speed from 2.4x to 4x, I ended up with perfectly smooth video. I've used 4x ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soletta

    I just bought "Sakura Taisen V - Saraba Itoshiki Hito yo" for about 69 US$ and now my Swap Magic set (vers. 3.6) won't play it... It always states "not a valid PS2 disc". It there a possibility that the Swap discs don't boot all import games in the end? If so, how could I find out about those games without buying them?

    Thanks a lot,
    correct, not all games work with swap magic, you could test using the cdloader, zoneloader and cog swap to see if it will boot after using that.

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    You need better media AND/OR to burn at a slower speed.

    The pstwo seems to be a little picky, mine is anyway. I use cheapass media like imation and have no problems. I burn at 1x. Also TDK and Verbatim worked perfectly. But only dvd-r. DVD+R seem to flake out on occasion. The only advantage to rebuilding is if the TOC is larger that your swap magic disc. This is not very common and you won't actually NEED to rebuild often. Some people rebuild when it isn't necessary and the new copy works better. However I don't know if it is the rebuilding that is helping or the new disc. Swap magic 2 has a smaller toc but that shouldn't be an issue for you. I suspect some if not most of the problems are from people downloading images. I backup originals and have had next to zero problems.

    All of the games you have mentioned work fine for me and load as fast as the original. The only trouble I have had is with some generic 10 cent blanks. Also I use a NEC dvd burner which is definitely not the best. good luck!


    PS: as for this game Sakura Taisen V - Saraba Itoshiki Hito yo - check the table of contents with dvd decryptor. I bet it is on a dvd9. These will not boot with swap magic unless you have a larger original to swap it with (toc refresh). I have no idea why an original wont boot with swap magic. Or is it a backup.
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    Hi guys here is an update

    I have switched to TDK cds so far at my cousin's place....the majority of the backups now work. I haven't tested my older backup that i have reported being bad but will soon. Now there is a new problem.

    I have a v9 ps2 with a fliptop with swap 3.3 and i have mine v12.

    Using the SAME exact copy the slime line would work with the 3.3 and something strange happens with the v9... the thing rattles and u cant load the game. Doesn't anyone know what to do when the system rattles because of the fliptop? BTW it also rattles on some originals. Original tested: FFX-2

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    sometimes the white magnet piece isnt secured correctly or the disc isnt all the way in the tray and stuck on the lip of it. double check those two things.

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    aber thanks for your input, at least i know i aint going insane and won't go for another mod chip as of yet.

    Ok here is a slight weirdo problemo: been playing the NBAv3 fixed version for a bit, then OUT OF THE BLUE it hangs.. hangs and wont load no more... so i decided to make a copy of a copy.. and burn it on RiDATA 16X + media. The game skips. While i was re-burning, i decided to test the first one that i made that originally worked. It loaded. WHAT THE HECK!!!

    and i did it with Alcohol 120% at maximum burn and 2.3x (what kind of number is that?) Thus far now: ultimate is running , hulk is too. Nemesis fails, GTA failed, 187 failed. SUPER MONKEY BALL FAILED!!!!!

    On the brighter side, thanks for the tip about the white disc, and the weirdest thing. We let the lid opena nd just place the white metal thing... and NOW any game that used to rattle runs flawlessly.. but its weird. So, i've suppled myself now with some ridata and some Maxell DVD+R. Lets see if these have better luck. I'll report back.

    Btw also i have NOT done any rebuilds thus far.

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    Ok just to complete my experiment thus far.

    RiData = no go
    TDK = working so far.

    VERBATIM burning at 4x = currently is cure for me.

    I burnt on a RiData, Maxell 4x Soul Calibur 3...and it boots..but hangs at certain stages int eh chronicles of swords.

    So i took some Verbatim and it works flawlessly.

    So for those who have 3.6 and slimline..ur BEST bet is with verbatim.
    I got a pack of 50 for 20$

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    I have pretty much only used Ridata DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs (4x, 8x, 16x media), and everything has worked great with my slimline v12 and SM 3.3. My spindle of 25 Memorex DVD+Rs all worked as well, though some people have had varying results with that brand.

    Part of the problem has to do with media, part of it has to do with burner, and part of it has to do with burning speed. When I burn stuff, I tend to get better results (in terms of PI/PIF errors) burning at 4x or even 8x (for the 16x media), rather than at the lowest speeds, so burning at the right speed rather than the lowest one makes a difference. Unfortunately, the only way to test this is via trial and error, since everyone's experience will differ with the burner/media used and the firmware of the burner.

    One good way to test if your burns are turning out correctly is to use the free tool Nero CDSpeed from . Do a Disc Quality check and a Benchmark test. If your burn has a PI error maximum less than 280, and a PIF error maximum less than 32 (for ECC 8; 4 for ECC 1), then it's within accepted standards of readability and should work great on your PS2. Scan at 4x-5x for best results. If your errors are significantly higher, then you're making bad burns. Also, the Benchmark test curve (which measures disc transfer speed) should be smooth, with no sharp dips.

    Generally speaking, I find the v12, which I have, to be pretty flexible regarding burn quality. Even the couple of noticeably bad burns with max PI errors in the 1000-2000 range tend to play okay, though they load longer or might have minor sound skipping in the intro screen. But I reburn any bad burns anyway to save any possible future headaches with the PStwo laser.

    If your burns are crapping out or don't work, or you consistently need to rebuild games, it's pretty likely you're making bad burns across the board since the PS2 seems to be pretty forgiving in terms of error correcting, from my experience. Test with CDSpeed to make sure, and switch up the burn speeds and/or media to fix the problem.

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