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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    The Smalltalk / Interests / Whatever thread

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    Just a thread where everything can be posted, which doesn't fit in any other thread / section

    You can also found something out, which isn't that important, but you would like to share. Every post have to acceptable with our terms of course.

    I just saw that the God of War Origins Collection is released.
    ( God_of_War_Origins_Collection_ASiA_MULTi3_JB_PS3-NRP 15873.1MB | 34F )

    Hope to see an real scene release soon with an fake 3.66 EBOOT.BIN.
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    I really want my own island with in waters with the softest of sandy beaches close to the most beautiful reefs to dive at. On the one side of the island, I want a small self contained brewery to suit my needs. The other side must have my home with a small jetty where I can park my boat and jetski (I still want that for Christmas - refer to the relevant post in this section). My fridge must always be stocked magically with anything and everything I would like to eat or drink. No traffic, no rat race, no cellphones, no nothing and definately no $ony execs allowed!!!!

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    Oh, that would definitely an really relaxing lifestyle. I'm working/hacking at the moment on the White Knight Chronicles EBOOT.BIN. If you run an external code and start the game it freezes at an logo test. I found a way (not nice, but it works) to bypass that and going to release this weekend.

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    I really want to see Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars remade to look and play like GTA IV.

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    I'm actually really interested and surprised with the FFX remake. BTW, any one interested in the Vita?

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    I'll probably get the Vita after it price drops.

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    True, I have similar thoughts, but I also remember getting my launch PSP knowing that launch hardware is the first to be hacked, and my 1.50 FW was right on!

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    I never got the change to buy a PSP (never felt the urge to), It will probably be as cheap $50 when the Vita is released so I might get my hands on PSP instead of a PSP.

    ...and does anyone here have a PSP Go?

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    If you want one to mod, get a PSP-2000 (non TA83) or a phat 1000 - both are flashable with CFW. The 3000 and Go have HEN loaders, but you have to run them whenever you reboot/poweroff.

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    I want God Of War 4. And I need to stop laughing randomly.

    I'll explode laughing one day.


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