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    Yea, it only had 4 threads in 2 months so I merged them into the Console News section and added "gameplay" to its Forum description.

    I generally try to avoid having lots of sections (especially those that don't get used much) but perhaps down the road we can give it another try.

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    I just want to say that Killer Karl Kox (a a famous wrestler back in the day) has died 2 days ago because of a heart attack. He was most known for wrestling in the NWA, WCW and NJPW.

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    I just saw a tourism commercial for Australia yesterday, and it made me realize that I would really like to visit someday. What kind of foods are local, common dishes? I like all kinds of meat, and like new spices, etc.

    Not sure about that vegemite, though - I'm sure it's a joke over there for foreigners.

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    The food here is not very different to the food in America (or anywhere else), the only kind of meat that we have that isn't anywhere else (I think) is Kangaroo meat, but Kangaroo meat isn't very popular here. I don't really like vegemite, I prefer peanut butter, lol.

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    Yeah, I'm pretty simple. Any recommendations for cities to see?

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    If you're more of a "city" person go to Melbourne or Sydney. If you like the country go to the middle of Australia or if you like the Beaches go to Queensland.

    There seems to be more people going on holidays here in Australia than more people coming here because of the high Aussie dollar.

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    It seems to be a beautiful country - definitely on my bucket list.

    Coincidentally, I was watching a show last night that spotlighted one of the top brothels/clubs in Sydney.

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    Yeah, it kinda shocked me - wouldn't have figured!

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    An Italian Prototype Fighter Jet crashed 2 KM from where I live.

    In other news, I love Emma Stone.


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