Today Team PS3News has reviewed the new SlideCard Pro ($11.95 US) and SwapTool Pro ($7.95 US), both available from as mentioned in our Past News. To begin, our Tech cableguy0976 did the SwapTool Pro review using his PSTwo slimline v12 console. To quote:
The SwapTool Pro arrived as shown on the left HERE, and installation consisted of simply removing both parts from the plastic retainer (pictured on the right) and following the diagram for attaching both parts to the PSTwo console. "Tool A" click-locked in place nicely and "Tool B" becomes the 'selector' switch used to perform both detected (lift Tool B out) and undetected (leave Tool B in) swaps with the Swap Magic Discs.

Both parts are truly made of unbreakable plastic, as I can squeeze or twist them and they retain their original form which is cool... so I don't have to worry about them weakening over time during use. In conclusion, the SwapTool Pro is the simplest and most economical way to play original Imports and legal PS2 back-ups on a PSTwo v12 console- costing under $8.00 US!
Next up was the SlideCard Pro (pictured below) which was done on my own PS2 v7 console. Installation was straightforward, consisting of removing the OEM drive tray bezel and replacing it with the custom-designed one supplied with the SlideCard Pro. Following that, I inserted the SlideCard Pro into the slot as shown below, and did the following: to UNLOCK the drive (for opening) slide the tool to the RIGHT and you'll notice the drive spindle will lower. Once you swap discs, simply slide the tool to the LEFT to LOCK the drive back into position... doing so will raise the drive spindle back up to read the disc when you press X on your controller. Nice and simple, and works GREAT for those seeking a no-solder (and low cost) quality solution for PS2 consoles world-wide!

SlideCard Pro installed in my PS2 SCPH-39001 v7 console!