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    Site News & Weekend Events...

    We spent most of the weekend away from the PC, but for those interested here is a brief mixture of Site News and some cool events that took place over this past weekend:

    • In case you haven't heard yet, the Steelers are the Super Bowl XL champs, earning an elusive fifth championship ring and their first Super Bowl victory since 1980 by beating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. Feel free to share your joys or express your grievances in our Super Bowl XL Forum thread. Now where did I park that DeLorean equipped with the Flux Capacitor last...

    • According to an article in the latest PlayStation Magazine, it appears another PSP Firmware update may be on the horizon. As detailed in the picture, there are some unfamiliar icons present in the photo of the PSP which may indicate a new Firmware revision. For those wondering (as noted in the bottom left hand corner) the article discusses the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) that was held during the beginning of last month. The article also reveals that the PSP will be capable of connecting to the PS3, along with a Fall 2006 release date for the PS3 as also indicated on (E3, Spring 2006). In related news, for those who first believed the RUMOR that PS3 titles will be machine-specific (eliminating PS3 game borrowing, rentals, etc) this has been confirmed as false. $CEE PR manger Jennie Kong stated, "PlayStation 3 software will not be copy-protected to a single machine, but will be playable on any PlayStation 3 console."

    • Recently published an article stating that Google is targetting the PSP to build municipal WiFi networks. According to the article: "Google will likely offer a premium service, featuring higher speeds for paying customers. In addition, with the proper network access installed on the PSP, Google could deliver location-specific ads to gamers." Another PSP article scan has also surfaced from PSM hinting at the ability to use E-Mail and GPS via the PSP in an upcoming Firmware update. To quote: "PSM has learned from sources familiar with the PSP's U.S. product management that one new firmware-enabled update will be called $ony Mail. The built-in email program will use the unique ID number assigned to each PSP at manufacture to eliminate a potentially confusing server setup. The program won’t require users to access a Web site, but will let them choose a unique user name to associate with their PSP's ID. Further down the line, but still slated for this year, $ony will release its GPS (global positioning system) add-on for PSP that was first shown at E3 2004. The yet-to-be-priced package will include the actual GPS peripheral, which connects to the top of the PSP via the USB 2.0 port, and a UMD containing navigation software and street data. Regular updates to the street data will be rolled out on subsequent UMDs for an additional price."

    • For those who don't check our PSP Chat STICKY threads or the repository daily for updates, recently a few useful PSP screen grab utilities have been updated. Specifically, PSP Screen Capture v0.03 and PSPShot v0.3 are the latest versions- give each a try and see which you prefer using today!

    • In PS2 news over the weekend, Jum has released an enhanced port of the Vectrex emulator titled VecX PS2 v0.2. According to the documentation included, it will only run Vectrex ROMs stored on a Memory Stick for those wondering.

    • While on the PS2 subject, Xak has now received his M3 Mod sample courtesy of the folks at, and is going to work on installing it this week. Shortly thereafter, expect a review published here on it! In related news, out4it is awaiting his Octapus 3D PS2 Mod-chip for review, courtesy of As soon as he receives and installs it his Team PS3News review will follow as well.

    • Finally, back to PSP news to wrap the weekend headlines up, for those interested the popular SNES9x Super Nintendo emulator port for PSP has finally been updated and includes two versions, specifically SNES9x TYL v0.3 (runs in Standard Mode, for Firmware v2.0+) and SNES9x TYL v0.3 ME (runs in Kernel Mode using the Media Engine for sound mixing, for Firmware v1.00/1.50 only). For v2.00 Firmware users, replace the v0.3 BMP icon with the old v0.2c BMP icon to re-enable the savestate function (or any 480x320 8bpp BMP file, although your boot-up message may look a bit odd). In other PSP emulation news, Nincest 64 For PSP, a Nintendo 64 emulator port, has also been released complete with source code. Before you get too excited though, it will only run two public domain/homebrew demos (Stars & Fire) so no commercial n64 ROMs will run at this time unfortunately.
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