Update: We have received several e-mails from some nice people (Thanks!) who are willing to lend their help in entering File Descriptions at PSP.PS3News.com... expect a reply e-mail from us in the next 1-2 days or so on this project as we find time to finalize the details. Also, Xak will be reviewing the M3 (Magic Mushroom Mod) Chip mentioned below for us- cool stuff! Finally, urPSP.com is now up with the other UR Network redirects to follow shortly there as well. More to come soon!

With the start of a new week upon us (Hello, Monday!) we have decided to make mention of some current events for PS3News visitors, so without further ado here goes!
  • To begin, we have updated the HD Advance Compatability List with the most recent feedback from users in our PS2 HDD Chat Forum designated STICKY thread, and wiped it clean for new feedback as well so be sure to use it!

  • Next up, we have cleaned up the USA, PAL, and JAP PS2 On-Line Chat Forum STICKY threads. Please don't request Disc IDs that are already in the Request Lists for each region, and also please do help to fill the current request lists making sure to provide ALL of the required information/pics for your submissions. Thanks guys!

  • Limbfilter will be reviewing a Ghost 2 v2 PS2 mod-chip for us later this week, and we also still have a M3 (Magic Mushroom Mod) Chip available for review if anyone wants it. Please post in the General Discussion Forum if this interests you and we can make arrangements, however, this offer is only open to Forum Members with over 50 quality posts who can provide us with a minimum 2-paragraph review for our Site News.

  • PSP.PS3News.com is still seeking people to assist with adding File Descriptions to their database. Users can do this simply by logging into the control panel with your Web browser and typing some brief '1-line' descriptions up in your freetime. In return, we'll make you a Staff Member here with access to our Staff Forum and an opportunity to receive occasional product samples to enjoy and for review as well. Sound interesting? Then feel free to contact us and we'll give you all the information you need.

  • Finally, as many of you may have noticed (some already made contact with us) we are seeking a new Head Sponsor to occupy the current orange 468x60 banner space that rests atop ALL of our pages here at PS3News. If this interests you, once again please contact us for additional details as we're looking to get something finalized by no later than the end of the month if possible.