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    Senior Member Lando43's Avatar
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    thx boss a Q about this in OP;

    Log in near daily (not just visit)... every few days at most, as we'd expect you to be a PS3 fanatic like us!

    I don't log in, my settings are saved in the browser, it auto log ins basically.

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    Yeah that is fine, it shows when you were last online... like for example it will say "Lando43" last active ABC hours ago at XYZ time. As long as you reload pages logged in it updates, if you didn't login then it would show you as offline basically.

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    Just a brief update, we have removed 4DoorITR and XBINX Cyro as they haven't been active (not logged in nor posting at all) since first responding to this thread... we'll see how things go over the next week before replacing them as we did choose few extras we didn't plan on initially.

    One member who has been active and posting WAY more than I have even is G Sus, so even though he opted out of being a candidate he definitely fits the bill in my opinion... keep up the great work!

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    loool , i opted out cos i dont want the responsibility, I can help noobs anyway without being a moderator.

    although i got to admit, i was extremely tempted by the possibility of being able to change my top title to something funny instead of the normal ones lol.

    you'll notice by some of my posts that i suddenly have brief moments of insane waffling. its better that these are unnassociated with ps3news.

    if i was moderator, these brief moments of insane waffling would be taken as official statements directly associated with PS3news.
    really not a good idea.

    although i suppose id then have the ability to quickly remove them as soon as i noticed they made no sense lol
    Last edited by G Sus; 11-12-2012 at 08:52 AM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Oh hey, random question - after reading G's post right there I remembered I'm able to change my member title - although I'm used to vB it's been a while, and this forum seems to run a modified version (I'm outdated on SEO and all that stuff) so does anyone know how to change that? Thanks guys

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    Apparently we use now Username HTML Markup for the UserGroup classes colors, so I don't think it's something you will be able to change yourself since it is customized to work this way, but if you have a Member Title you'd like to use just post it here and I will add it in the ACP so it shows for all your posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    well done to everyone and bitsbubba i have mad respect for your skills here and your help to all. i'd make you a mod now if i could.. LOL congrats to all and welcome to the family!
    thanks elser1, kind of been busy lately with family drama but am hoping to jump right back in the water pretty soon

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    Quick update... we removed slainedog as he hasn't been online at all in the past 10 days and his last post was 25 days ago.

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    I like to become a moderator again

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    We will keep ya in mind jamesnesc709 as long as you are still active once we go through the next round of Forum Moderators.

    I have also removed the following inactive posters as Moderators as their lasts posts were from 10+ days ago with some even from 20+ days back: Brian10122, HeyManHRU, Lando43 and niwakun. Please remember guys, we encourage Forum Moderators to actively post several times a week or at minimum once a week... any less and you are not active enough to remain a Forum Moderator unfortunately.


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