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    Senior Member GrandpaHomer's Avatar
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    While I'm not posting every day I am logged in whole week and actively browsing forums at least 5 days a week. I'm sure few of you "know" me from here for a while and I do have experiences from moding several other forums as well. Can't promisse to be here 24/7 but if and when I'll be around I'll help to my best.

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    you're here all the time homer and i thought you were a mod. LOL

    apply and i'd back you not that i have anything than than my opinion but you would make a good mod.

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    Good luck to everyone

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    Any news on whose the next mod? I thought Grandpahomer along side Foo would be asset to this site.

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    Not yet, been busy lately keeping up with everything else but I will reply back when we go through the candidates and select them don't worry.

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    Hi may I put in my offer to be considered am on the site at 6 hrs per day, and i would seriously like to be considered for a post please

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    OK this is the list of Forum Moderator candidates, excluding a few who replied with offtopic comments, voting for others but uninterested themselves, and those who decided not to since initially posting in here:

    PS3 News Forum Moderator Candidates (Alphabetically)
    • 4DoorITR
    • BluRay
    • Brian10122
    • Daveyshamble501
    • dovez0
    • fantopoulos
    • Gaarasaiyan
    • GrandpaHomer
    • jensen76
    • Lando43
    • LiQUiDxSNaKe
    • niwakun
    • orive
    • sgnmg4ever
    • silencephaze
    • stretch30
    • TheZander
    • Tinklebell
    • TitanTX
    • tulla2010
    • XBINX Cyro

    Over the next few days we will select between 5 to 7 tops and I will reply back with who we've chosen to be a Forum Moderator based on the criteria in the first post along with some other member feedback in this thread.

    THANKS to everyone in advance who offered to help make PS3News.com a better place too!!

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    for me i gotta give big props to grandpahomer he has been here for years most days always helping and the others are fine to. we have such a great community here at ps4news.com we are lucky.

    thanks to all who want to help.

    good luck all

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    I am also interested

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    You are welcome elser1


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