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    Haha, fair play, I was going to also say someone who's grammar and spelling was better than mine, then thought know one ever seems to mind lol.

    I'm dyslexic, who can only wright code, English doesn't make sense, spelling knockers with a K . lol

    PS VIP with only 9 posts. ya right.


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    ... Don't hate, congratulate ! The site says very clearly "VIP Member", unless its just my plasma telling me lies again !? If you do a little homework before making me respond so quickly, you'll see how easy it is to obtain VIP Member Status.. PS - Thats 10, Count It !

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    Well to be truthful, I don't give a rats butt about your VIP bud, nor should you concern yourself about my spelling. Now move along, nothing to see here.

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    That was a perfect sentence, Good job little buddy! You get an A+ on you grammar for today, now go take you recess and don't forget to wash your hands before you come back to class... PS - That's 12

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    And you mock Me "You get an A+ on you grammar for today". Mummy taken your controller ?

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    Long time reader, first time poster. I live in GMT10 and work in IT support so my chrome is always open with numerous sites of interest ~ including this one. I've moderated before so I'm therefore confident in my abilities on the software side of things. I also love to write responses to people and to help them out.

    I've been modding consoles in my area since high school and know my way around. I'd love this opportunity!


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    LOL, Yup but i made damn sure that she'll never want to try that again.. I don't think i was mocking you, i just thought that was funny.. Ok, truce.. i apologize for knockin you about the grammar... Let us be helpful to folks who are scratchin their heads with PS3 problems..

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    I don't make the best quality post all the time. However if you are looking for an experienced moderator I can do that. I have moderated tons of communities in the past. I definitely know when to delete and move post around. And I do come here everyday as it is.

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    All is good dude, I thought you was just playing me up, due to your spelling being worse than mine "knockin" "scratchin" "you" when you mean "your".

    ow and this is my 400th post, and the last on this thread wrecking subject.

    Now time for a cup of tea.

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    Oct 2010
    well daveshooter and averagegamer take your bs outside and be men. from my opinion i would like to see stansmith (aussie thing) and projoe be mods. thats my opinion, but there are many daily posters worthy, they are just the 2 non mod mvps imo. and barrybarryk, good you're back gee.

    i like foo for the position also but he said he is not down..

Closed Thread
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