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    Feb 2012
    No thanks. I'm happy just posting and helping out. I dont have that much time to monitor a forum as well as what I do.

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    Feb 2012
    I would be interested. I've already been a mod at both IPB and vBulletin forums so I do have some experience with it. My role at those was pretty much what is required here, organizing, supporting and enforcing rules. While I'm relatively new with just a few posts, It's mostly due to the dead scene at early 2012, I started supporting people a lot since Rogero was released and I expect myself to keep supporting as much from now and on, a living scene definitely made this forum become entertaining to me.

    I really enjoy those roles so I can easily make this a hobby, It's good to practice my english, I have access to a PS3 with flasher to test things and I have a somewhat good knowledge of the scene to support people decently.

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    Nov 2010
    I'm glad that all the money maker DRM has been stop and the scene is alive again i'll cheers anyone who become forum moderator "just be nice friends"

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    I'd be so interested in join the PS3NEWS team!! This site has been kick ass from day one when i was in the ps2 scene! I've followed this site for quite sometime and i would be willing to contribute as much as i can to this site. I have some experience with being a moderator, since i built my own forums back in the day for fun! If your interested in giving me the opportunity to be a mod let me know! I shall serve this forum well!

    let me know


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    Jan 2012
    I'm interested, I read this site every day pretty much and I think I know about how ps3 scene and hacking works enough to help out.

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    I'd love to be a mod also so please add me to the list of applicants. I haven't really posted a lot here, as most of my time spent here has been reading. I've been around a while however. Thanks and congrats to those who are selected!

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    Sep 2011
    As I am not applying but giving advice to those who are. Reading the Wiki and checking various forums across the Internet is a great way to make sure you are supplying the right information when helping people. And another tip is just because you find something first doesn't mean it's right. Don't degrade post quality for being first.

    Good luck

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    I'd love to be a moderator. I've been a mod on a few sites. My current site is: Feel free to check us out. I'm pretty plugged into the scene & I'll help users best I can.

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    What Foo said

    Thank you Tidusnake666, but to be fare it would be a waste on myself due to not having the time to monitor, or keep up with the ever changing news regarding the ps3.

    I own a resell hosting company in the uk, with linux and windows servers, and offer 160 odd apps with 5 or 6 Forums in toe, so setting endless forums, web pages, admins, mods and so on, gets boring, so its nice to come to a well oiled and groomed site like this one and enjoy all the hard work you guys are doing,

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    ....*Fair .... *Waste

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