May 11, 2007 - PC meets Xbox 360 in FASA's recently gold and soon to release arena shooter Shadowrun. How voraciously the sides will tear at each other in the inevitable battle remains to be seen, so in the meantime we've put together the game's achievement ist. "Achievement what?" says the PC gamer. It's a points system built into every Xbox 360 game that's now starting to be implemented in PC titles like Shadowrun and Halo 2. Assuming you have an Xbox Live account, which you'll need to play Shadowrun anyway, these points are unlocked when you complete the various requirements listed below. They're then added to your personal Xbox Live profile and displayed as a sort of badge of honor; internet bragging rights.

While nobody can really say if PC gamers will embrace achivement points, it seems likely they will. Many already spend colossal amounts of time plugging away for experience points in MMOs, performing all sorts of strange tasks in order to get that one reagent to drop, or to level up that one weapon skill. Well, same deal with the achievement points. You do lots of weird stuff and get rewarded; pretty basic. Yet on the Xbox 360 the meta-game of achievement grinding roots itself deeper and deeper in X360 gamers' minds every day, spurring some to go out and buy King Kong and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just because their achievements are so easy to unlock. It's a strange fascination since achievement points don't do anything. They just sit there, a public aggregate, a numerical representation of your dedication to gaming, or embarrassing reminder of how you spend your time.

To unlock any of the achievements in Shadowrun, you'll first need to be connected to Xbox Live (naturally), be in a game of 4 versus 4 or larger, and stick around during the fight until RNA or Lineage win six rounds, ending the game. After browsing the list (linked below), you'll find a brief interview with FASA's Studio Manager Mitch Gitelman and Game Designer Derek Carroll.

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