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    Shadow of Rome DVDRICK PPF-O-Matic patch


    i tried to find this patch, it used to be on this forums.. i think it was called something different back then tho.. but when i tried looking for this patch i noticed it was gone now i can't find the patch anywhere (game won't load on swap magic) .

    I tried looking on dvdrick and the site went down.. i wonder if you guys could post an archive with all of the old ppf patches.. or maybe just the shadow of rome dvdrick ppf patch again?

    drk-sru.ppf is the ppf file name.. and the full name of the patch is ... all the links i found for this are dead unfortunately.
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    It probably is in the PS2 downloads section, which should be back online later this weekend so check back then.

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    hmm.. i keep trying the links from this page but the ps2 utilities links don't seem to work.. so maybe its not online yet..

    am i looking at the right place?
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    Yep, we should be starting work porting the downloads section to vB4 in the next few hours although I don't know how long it will take... a few hours tops if things go smoothly, or until tomorrow+ if they don't pretty much.

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    thats cool, thanks for the heads up

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    We have finally got it back online, you should be able to grab that here now:

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