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    Senior Member severusx's Avatar
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    Hey Boss, I am willing to take on another section or two beyond Help and Support if you need it. I've been pretty active in there and am ready to step up if you need me to.

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    I wouldn't mind being a mod. I was big into the wii back in the day and now i have 15 ps3's and 7 xboxs etc... also i can solder really well. I do try and a lot of things before most people do. Thanks

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    Thanks racer0018 and +Rep to you also! We are mainly looking for those who can actively reply to a few threads here 1-2 times a week, specifically the news article ones although discussion in other threads is fine too.

    What I plan to do at some point soon-ish (a week maybe) is make a list of those who replied here offering to be a Moderator and then seeing how often they posted since then... those who are more active we will add pretty much.

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    i hope i'm good enough to get the nod.. sort of like a ps3 news platinum trophy.. LOL

    i'd also like to recommend the cat that is HEYMANHWRU.. he's the man.. eboot freak. the man you see when your shakin!!
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    I've been sat in the corner quiet for now, but maybe I could give it a go Boss?

    I work from home and spend quite a lot of time on here. Would love to contribute where I can.

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    Thumbs Up

    A quick update... as of today (8/29) here are the members who offered to lend a hand and the date of the last post they made:
    • elser1 - 8/28
    • Ezio - 8/28
    • HeyManHRU - 8/28
    • jamesnesc709 - 8/28
    • moja - 8/25
    • mushy409 - 8/27
    • natepig - 8/28
    • Neo Cyrus - 8/24
    • Pcsx2006 - 8/22
    • racer0018 - 8/28
    • saviour07 - 8/24
    • theone1982 - 8/17
    • TheShroomster - 8/15
    • Tidusnake666 - 8/28
    • tonybologna - 8/15

    Since the initial posts in this thread, many have been posting regularly so soon we will add them as Moderators... to those who haven't been able to post often, if you are still interested we'd love to add you also so just be sure to check the Site News and post a reply to a few articles when you can. Thanks and +Rep to all who have replied thus far here!

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    looks like a pretty good team to me.

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    Thumbs Up

    I have now added the following Moderators based on recent post activity:
    • elser1
    • Ezio
    • HeyManHRU
    • jamesnesc709
    • moja
    • mushy409
    • natepig
    • Neo Cyrus
    • Pcsx2006
    • racer0018
    • saviour07
    • TheShroomster
    • Tidusnake666

    Congrats guys!! Remember to stay active as we'll likely thin out the list as time goes on based on activity.

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    Gratz to everybody who became a Mod.

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