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    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    What about a new Usergroup for the "Active Posters" ? We can also create a poll for the best submits how the new Usergroup should be named.
    I also want to add, that i won't like the idea for the "auto-moderator-for-every-sr.-member", if you are really think about making that possible.

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    Haha oversoldier, it's an abstract concept, not going to happen anytime soon.

    And to add to the active posting, I repeatedly urge PS3News to set up up a functioning Facebook/Google Plus account since people are mostly active on Social Networks now.

    If people see something interesting in their News Feed and feel like joining the thread, they may be inclined to do so, rather opening up PS3News.com directly from their browser.

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    Hmm.. the Facebook and Google+ buttons should still work, at least they seem to OK for me. I do know eventually we need to get a "friendly" Facebook URL (and a new logo) but that is still on the back burner as CJPC and I are working on porting the remainder of the subdomains at the moment to vB4. We did like 10 already and have 2-3 left, so hopefully by the end of the month it should be near completion and we can put them live.

    Noted though, and +Rep DaedalusMinion!

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    Hehe, DaedalusMinion, of course it was just like a wink. You know "Social Networks" are a very good way to spread/make something popular where people are talk about. So CJPC must integrate an Facebook API that at least Top-News are automatically post at the Facebook wall to alert people about PS3News and discuss about the News/topics.

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    Yep, we can definitely readd an RSS feed to our Facebook at some point... we had it awhile ago but it died on us.

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    I'm in but haven't been as active in the past couple months. I'll take the task on of moderating if given a chance. I like this site but have been pretty busy lately. I can change that though when you own your own business. Thanks!

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    I am available, also if I think all people posted here before me deserve more than me becoming forum moderator. They are for more time in this forum while I am new here.

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    Ex forum mod here... Got Unlimited time to restart helping you again my friend... totally understand if you would rather give mod jobs to new guys... But...as always... I am available for you.

    Take it easy my friend.

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    +Rep to those who offered to help out since my last post... and I actually would prefer older members as Moderators, but on the same note I also think some (like myself) may find it hard to dedicate the time to post while new members usually are just getting into the hobby so either works.

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    Either way... Will be good...

    Long as there are people looking after the forums... keeping them clean etc


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