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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Hey, seems like you added more tabs on it and also how long ago the post was made.

    I got a question though, what happened to the "announcement" section?

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    Yep, we are still working on it... the Announcements was a temporary section but since these are older threads now I moved them here. If/when we have new Announcements it will be back though!

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    sites looking good boss.. i like the new top bit.. i nearly fell over when i saw i was 2nd on rep list. must be a mistake. is my rep correct?.. i can't have more rep than dean and his multiman. come on people rep dean.. LOL.

    also anyone heard from barrybarryk..

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    We plan to finish it tomorrow... just a few loose ends left (for example, adding a cron to auto-update it every minute or so), but now it shows on more pages again (Downloads, Forums, Threads, Search, etc).

    We had it like that last week but it lagged too much so we had to cache it basically.

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    ps.. not sure where to post this boss. i guess its of interest.

    for those interested i just wanted to share that there double xp on crysis 2 and i think triple xp on red dead redemption all weekend.. on the multiplayer elements of the games of course.. maybe on other games also.

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    OK, we have now finished the Latest PS3 News Forum Updates block. Currently it shows on all Forum pages and automatically updates every 1 minute like the old sideblock in the Forum did. I have also made it the default tab since it changes a lot more than the Latest News does throughout the day.

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    Hmmm ... tis kinda cool, but I miss the small pic/graphics next to the news items as it was in the previous new news block ... Don't you?

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    A little yep, but they were really too small to see anyway I think.

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    I've been on a site before where it had this, but you could click the words and it opens a drop down bar that lets you pick what you want to see.

    Which look likes this: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=31156

    Then you can click on the stuff that says like Newest Members and stuff and it shows this: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=31155

    This is very useful for mods and e.t.c. or if you just feel like knowing stats.
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