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    Rumor: Rockstar North is Gearing Up for a New Game

    Rockstar North, the UK-based development studio behind the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto franchise, are gearing up for a new game, if recent job postings are any indication.

    As pointed out by Ether_Snake of NeoGAF, the developer is looking to fill positions in 8 different development areas, from character animators to Web site designers and everything in between.

    To quote: While the postings are pretty cut and dry, they do mention that they're looking for programmers with PS360 experience, indicating a game for those platforms.

    The obvious guess would be a new Grand Theft Auto game, but I'll go out on a limb to be different and say it's a new Manhunt game.

    Rockstar North's most recent project was the 360 exclusive GTAIV DLC that came out earlier this year, The Lost and Damned.

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    New Game

    Whatever it may be, I'm sure It will be a great game. I haven't known them to dissapoint yet. Of course they leave some stuff out that should be there, but isn't that all gaming companies? Ready for it!

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    if its a manhunt game then it would be sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by jake112493 View Post
    if its a manhunt game then it would be sweet
    not if its anything like manhunt 2..

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    Yea well It doesn't seem like a big campaign yet you would think that if it were a big game like Grand Theft Auto they would need more people. I think they may just be hiring people.

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    It is possible that the new game is a GTA title, but its most probably either a new manhunt of a whole new series.

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